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One-on-One Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions for Men and Women


Private Online  One-on-One Meditation, breathwork and Yoga Sessions

Included in the sessions:

  • Private sessions for men and women, partners, assessment of your Health History
  • Our focus in these sessions will begin with connection and exploring your life holistically
  • A personal roadmap that will guide you through the work that we are embarking on
  • Within the session, clients will receive in-depth techniques to help the body regain vitality
  • We will track the changes that occur in your journey

Online Yoga One-on-One Sessions

Connect with your Mind, Body and Soul


Yoga Movement, Meditation and Breathwork


What you will gain:

  • I will guide you through techniques designed to help with pain, to create strength and flexibility.
  • Release trauma that builds up in the tissue, stiff joints and restricted muscles.
  • Learn how to improve osteoporosis, arthritis, symptoms.
  • Practice suitable restorative subtle poses that are focused on stabilizing the body on the floor, on a chair or lying down.
  • Discover techniques that will facilitate your mental clarity and can be practiced at home.
  • Release stress, tension and increase a calmer state of being.
  • I work alongside you to identify your blockages, to re-harmonize your disconnection.
  • You will be provided tools that you can use at home to continue guiding you with your own journey.

Online One-on-One Sessions

Sessions can be set up as an 8-week yoga program that includes:

  • First session 2 hours for assessment and personalized instruction
  • Each class after the assessment, the duration is 60 minutes. Each week of your program (via Zoom video conferencing)
  • A modality of your choice(valued at $140)
  • Outline or video recording of weekly sessions
  • Support via email
  • Meditation (personalized or pre-recorded)
  • Individualized at-home exercises
  • This program requires your dedication to personal growth as well as a time commitment to complete the work

This one on one yoga coaching program is individually designed  and includes other modalities.

Individualized sessions based on each individuals symptoms, concerns and goals that are being focused on for well-being.

These sessions can also be arranged for couples, One on One Tantra Yoga for couples.

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