Embodied Movement

De-stress your life and live from a calmer state of being



Yoga is not just about poses, physical fitness or spiritual bypass. Yoga is a form of finding inner liberation, moksha, "freedom of karma", from the Egotistical mind.

Nor is it about finding a freedom to be wild, and lost in eternal bliss. It is about finding within your core the essence that an embodied practice ignites within.

Yoga is a lifestyle, non-dogmatic, it is about breathing, mudras, mantras, mandalas,  meditative techniques and more.

  • Through exploration, and transformation the energetic life force awakens.
  • Mindfulness and trauma informed yoga
  • Kundalini and Tantra Awakening, opens you to a Higher Level of perception.
  • Learn how to de-stress, and learn how to cope with uncertainties and sorrow.
  • Increase strength, flexibility stability and resilience.

For many centuries we have been denied and repressed from ancient knowledge, that teaches empowerment tools for living from a higher level of understanding. Our inner potential, in Egyptian, Buddhist and Indian practices many knew of how to work with their bodies through mystical practices.  Mystical meaning, the connection with Spirit.

Explore how to cultivate an inner presence of peace through mindfulness techniques and embodiment practice.

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