Kundalini and Tantra Yoga to Awaken your Life Force!

Embodiment with Yoga, and Breathwork for Self Empowerment!

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Woman!

“Yoga is a Powerful Tool for Inner Transformation”

Yoga is finding inner liberation, moksha, “freedom of karma”, from the Egotistical mind.

Subtle movement increases your blissful states of consciousness, by exploring deep within into your core essence.

Develop your Kundalini Energetic Life force and ignite your Embodied Shakti Goddess practice.

Yoga is a lifestyle, non-dogmatic, including breathing and meditative techniques.

  • Transform your achy and stiff body.
  • Release stuck blockages in your body.
  • Awaken your perception and live from clarity.
  • Increase your sexual energetic life force.
  • Uplift your Kundalini Serpent Power.

This is for you if…….

You are ready to get out of your comfort zone, and recharge mentally, physically, & energetically!

You want to ignite your energetic life force.

You are ready to release limitations that keep you from increasing your radiance.

Recharge, your Sexual Energy and get your Juices flowing.

You are seeking self growth and a deeper inner connection.

You are learning how to make your health the number one priority.

What are you waiting for?
It’s time to increase your VIBE!

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Empower your Soul Connection

  • Connect with your auric field.
  • Embody your chakras.
  • Create serenity and resilience.
  • Find deeper meaning.

Empower a Mindful Connection

  • Awaken your mind.
  • Create focus.
  • Reduce depression, anxiety.
  • Incorporate Mindful living.

Empower Body Connection

  • Release, and open to bliss.
  • Improve your Yoni connection.
  • Increase your sexual life force.
  • Awaken you Kundalini Power.

Yoga is a spiritual practice for self development, ancient yogis sought out magic, because of the altered state of conscious experiences they perceived that helped transcend their bodies and levels of awareness to higher states of clarity and intuitive abilities. This realization was weaved into their practice and teachings.

Movement & Breathwork for Self Empowerment!

For many centuries we have been denied and repressed from ancient knowledge, that teaches empowerment tools for living from a higher level of understanding. Our inner potential, in Egyptian, Tibetan, Buddhist and Indian practices many knew of how to work with their bodies through mystical practices.  Mystical meaning, the connection with Spirit. This Mystical journey led ancient yogis to explore the etheric chakra system, invoking Gods and Goddesses and other spiritual helpers, they connected with the Universe and the natural Earth cycles.

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