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Yoga to de-stress your life and live from a calmer state of being

"To activate the unconscious means to awaken

the Divine, the Devi, Kundalini."

Carl Jung

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EMBODIMENT with Yoga, and Breathwork for Self Empowerment!

Breathe and Master Your Life!

Awaken your life force with KUNDALINI AND TANTRA YOGA


Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

"Yoga is a Powerful Tool for Healing and Transformation"

"An informative, subtle, trauma informed  yoga and mindfulness meditation with a modern approach. Ancient wisdom for self development, somatic movement, for creating mobility, focus and stability."

Yoga is not just about poses, physical fitness or spiritual bypass. Yoga is a form of finding inner liberation, moksha, "freedom of karma", from the Egotistical mind.

Yoga is not about finding freedom to be wild, and lost in blissful states of consciousness. It is about finding within your core the essence that an embodied practice ignites within.

Yoga is a lifestyle, non-dogmatic, it is about breathing, mudras, mantras, mandalas,  meditative techniques and more.

  • Through exploration, and transformation the energetic life force awakens.
  • Mindfulness and trauma informed yoga
  • Kundalini, Shamanism and Tantra Awakening, opens you to a Higher Level of perception.
  • Learn how to de-stress, and learn how to cope with uncertainties and sorrow.
  • Increase strength, flexibility stability and resilience.
  • Hatha, Restorative, Kundalini, Tantra, Shamanic, Children's, and Seniors Yoga is taught.

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Empower your Soul Connection

Integration with your True Essence.

Self embodiment through self-awareness.

A sense of unity, calmness, serenity and resilience.

A renewed and deeper connection with your Primal Source.

Increase energy movement.

Empower a Mindful Connection

Yoga naturally releases endorphins to awaken the mind.

Breathing increases the energy flow in the body creating a clear mind.

Reduce depression, anxiety create more focus.

Movement that is subtle and rediscovering inner compassion.


Empower Body Connection

Stress management through asana sequences.

Improve strength, mobility, stability and balance.

Increase a beneficial body constitution.

Improve overall wellness, circulation, flexibility, reduce inflammation and pain.

The Yogini seeks the Path to Enlightenment

To seek and shift into a Yogini , the path that unveils Karma and brings out Dharma. To bring out expression and Uplift!

EMBODY GODDESS YOGA with Kaula Tantric Goddess Yoga

Regardless of gender or how you identify, every person has aspects of the divine feminine and the sacred masculine within.

"Tantra is a path of power, the integration with your Inner Deity"

The journey, the preparation, the practice  to bring out the Yogini.

This path is not about instant gratification, or instant love and light, it is about the deep inner work to proclaim enlightenment.

Work with the Devi/Deva, connection, your Inner  Essence.

Transcend the different levels of consciousness.

Release setbacks, create self love, transformation, liberation (moksha) and the embodiment of yoga.


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What are you waiting for it's time to start increasing your VIBE!

Online Yoga One On One Sessions

One-on-One Yoga

6-week yoga program

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Yoga Courses

Uplift your Soul

Live Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

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For many centuries we have been denied and repressed from ancient knowledge, that teaches empowerment tools for living from a higher level of understanding. Our inner potential, in Egyptian, Tibetan, Buddhist and Indian practices many knew of how to work with their bodies through mystical practices.  Mystical meaning, the connection with Spirit.

Yoga is a spiritual practice for self development, ancient yogis sought out magic, because of the altered state of conscious experiences they perceived that helped transcend their bodies and levels of awareness to higher states of clarity and intuitive abilities. This realization was weaved into their practice and teachings.

This Mystical journey led ancient yogis to explore the etheric chakra system, invoking Gods and Goddesses and other spiritual helpers, they connected with the Universe and the natural Earth cycles.

This is for you if.......

You are ready to get out of your comfort zone, and recharge mentally, physically, & energetically!


You want to ignite inspiration and feel  empowered.

You are ready to release limitations that keep you from raising your radiant vibration.

You are a busy parent or a professional who doesn’t have time to get away for a retreat but still looking for an opportunity to recharge, and rejuvenate.

You are seeking self growth and abundance.

You are learning how to make your health the number one priority.

You are deeply passionate about enhancing your self development.

You are ready to live life with purpose and to release your fears!