Kundalini, Tantra and Shamanic Yoga

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Time

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Tantra and Shamanic Yoga, because many are not familiar with this type of modality. Tantra and Shamanism date many years, to the beginning of times.

Many say that Tantra was the exploration of the bodies senses, what is felt, experienced, many say it was practiced many years ago as yoga poses.

Yoga teachers in this era claim to say that they teach it and that Tantra is what created yoga.  Whenever or where ever it originated Tantra is a Mystical Embodied Expression.  Tantra is the physical, emotional and spiritual  development that is embraced within on all levels of our attributes, characteristics, in our daily interactions with others in our lives. and this also includes sexual union.

Tantra awakens all forces wiithin the body allowing you to radiate each and everyday energetically. Hatha and Kundalini yoga  branches off from Tantric experiences.

Now Tantra takes on many forms nd many stages to cultivate living a tantric awareness or lifestyle.  But what is this lifestyle perhaps a new form, or a new way of perceiving life?

Tantra also delves into the Mystical Esoteric levels as a students begins to unravel their physical layers. A new form of perspectives being to merge, this can lead to incorporating Goddesses, mantra, mudras and chanting.  that is also used in Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini YOga has been taught in the last several years, beginning with Gurug nank, also a yoga that devels into releasing energy through powerful technqiues, that help release obstacles fro mthe body, mind and soul. The goal is to integrate the entire being.

Shamanism is ancestral a tradition, or a teaching that was intuitive and primal many years back and people have fallen far back this knowledge.


So what really is tantra lets go back to some historical myths , stories whatever you'd like to name



Embody Yoga

Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Yoga Training

Learning the study of anatomy, physiology, the etheric body, the neuroscience, nervous system, lymphatic, circulatory and will be discussed on how this influences the mind and body coordination. Exploring mindful nutrition to help understand how nutrition influences the body and the mind.  We will integrate this knowledge with practice, and also explore metaphysical components in Yoga Philosophy.  Trauma informed techniques will also be introduced.

The 200 hour training can be completed in 8 months and the other continuing education courses are added to complete 300 hour to  500 hours training.  The duration to complete 500 hours total can be completed within 2 - 3 years.

For the yoga training no experience is required, if you are unsure and would like to know more about this style of yoga  training please take one of the courses that is offered or watch one of the You tube videos for better instruction.

All yoga training also requires a valid FirstAid/CPR/AED certificate to graduate.

200 hour training course Length: 8 months

Course Dates:

October 5th 2022 - June 2023

Times: Wednesdays 6-9pm and four Saturdays that requires the full day.

Payment due 15 days in advance of start date

Payment plans are included when purchasing and choosing your option.

Scholarships are available

ADD ONS: Continuing Education Courses, have different duration of time that the courses are offered throughout the year

Embody Divine Wellness  focuses on mind, body and soul integration through physical embodiment, attaining mental clarity and metaphysical methods, we are focusing on increasing your health through ancient wisdom.


In the 200 hour training you will also learn:

Explore different methods for Breathing, a variety of techniques such as breath control, pranayama, mulbandha locks, mantras, chanting, sound.

Ancient traditions, Yoga Philosophy, and history.

Benefits of practicing yoga for mind, body and soul integration.

Mindfulness Meditation, neuroscience for relaxation, visualization, guided imagery, self hypnosis.

Anatomy, Physiology, physical fitness assessments for strength, flexibility, endurance.

Yoga Poses such as kriyas, (asanas)restorative, tantric, shamanic.

Psycho-spiritual well-being.



Students will be guided to attaining how to instruct a safe class by having the tools to provide knowledgeable classes, that will help developing an informative class.

You will learn how to bring ancient wisdom into your classes.

Provide instructive classes for women who have endured breast cancer.

Trauma Informed Poses, somatics.

Marketing tools for establishing a yoga business.

Esoteric knowledge on how to work with Goddess myths.


The Journey Starts Within

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    Embodied Movement

    Kriyas, Asanas, Breathing - Subtle motion, to enliven your body and mind through movement (asanas) and other techniques for physical and emotional wellness.

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    Focusing on Alignment

    How to align the entire system internally and externally.

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    Core Structure

    Increase muscular flexibility and  joint fluidity. Build endurance and muscle tone.


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    Incorporating coherence, symmetry, and harmony into the body through and mind with asanas, prana and breathing. description text here.

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    Releasing tension

    How to introduce techniques into everyday life for well-being. description text here.

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    Integrating  tools to feel at peace through a yogic practice. description text here.

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    Through many methods integration is created ultimately  igniting the inner Goddess description text here.

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Embodiment is integration of mind, body and soul.

Elizabeth Yvonne




Continuing to learn never ends, it is the continuous flow of developing Self Empowerment. Living in the present moment begins with a healthy lifestyle, integration of the mind, body and soul. Feeling safe and grounded with Mother Earth.  Many live disconnected from their true essence that exists within us all. There are techniques that were taught in Ancient civilizations, we now have access to these great teachings that can be used to fully embrace wellness, to live in peace, be fully centered, and to ignite wholeness.

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Live your best, intuitive life.


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