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Ignite Embodiment, Your Inner Power


You are the creator of your thoughts!

Your thoughts create your reality!

Think negative thoughts and live in fear you create this reality.

Increase your positive thoughts, you will increase brighter frequencies and your reality!

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Clinical Hypnosis Session

Increase your well-being with the power of your thoughts.

Is resistance a challenge?  Learn how to release setbacks with increasing your energetic flow.

Increase your senses, and intuitive awareness!

“Let go of your Karma and start living your Dharma!”


Awaken Conscious Awareness: Motivational Hypnosis Sessions

In a deep state of physical and mental relaxation, your mind bypasses your critical consciousness, while your subconscious mind  remains open to helpful suggestions.

Do you repeat the same destructive pattern, everyday?

Can’t seem to move forward with life goals? Do you want to live with less stress?

It’s time to start a new shift, a new life change begins  when you become unstuck with life.

These sessions are customized for each individual.

Benefits of Hypnosis

  • Increasing a positive mindset.
  • Sleep issues, self-esteem issues, such as shyness.
  • Achieving new goals, manifesting a new lifestyle and achievements.
  • Helps with procrastination, releasing old habits and patterns that set limitations.
  • Accessing your life purpose, releasing karma and outdated beliefs.
  • The connection with your Higher Self.
  • Archetypal Hypnosis, explore which one dominates your patterns.
  • Release your phobias, release anxieties, stress and find the answers within.

Clinical Hypnosis Session

The Quantum Journey

The initial journey begins with delving deeply into accessing your core belief system that is embedded deep within your body on a cellular level, deep within your cells, this is your cellular memory that lives throughout your entire body system.

Buried deeply are your  emotional set backs,  fear, guilt, betrayal, old patterns and habits that many times do not let you move forward in life or keep you stuck forming a repetitive cycle.

Your Belief System

IS how you identify with relationships, career, friendships, etc.  How you have been conditioned to display yourself in this performance of life and how you appear on the stage of life.  Everything that you have been taught and have learned is your core belief system. There are more core beliefs that are buried deep in the unconscious and subconscious mind that you don't know of or have not dealt with it such as unresolved emotions. The conscious mind is not running the show, the unconscious mind and subconscious mind are in the background also protecting themselves into your stage. The choices you make in life that create the circumstances you choose, limiting beliefs, are influenced by all levels of your mind.

A Positive Outlook

Integration of the mind, body and soul begins with self care that promotes self growth through different techniques and modalities. A transformational tool is Hypnosis that helps connect with and identify the solution.

Restoring integration and balance to the mind, and body is the goal.  This can be attained through resolving issues:

  • Embedded patterns that create set backs.
  • Acceptance, forgiveness, releasing shame, guilt, remorse.
  • Identifying thoughts and emotions.
  • Increase confidence, self esteem.
  • Incorporating a positive mindset will create a path to prosperity.

5 Main Categories of Brain Wave Levels

  1. Gamma Level: Increases the brain wave cycles, Fight and Flight response, this state is when the body is preparing itself for a sudden situation, stress, outbursts, anxiety, mind clutter.
  2. Beta Level:Awake and fully alert, functioning with our daily lives and tasks that are performed.
  3. Alpha Level: This state is a more relaxed state when a person can focus on creativity, writing, solving problems, imagination, day dreaming and visualization. Yoga and meditation can also merge into this state.
  4. Theta Level: This state is a deeper form of relaxation for a hypnosis session, first stage of sleep, deeper meditation, dreaming occurs. Conscious awareness and analyzing reduces and subconscious receptivity increases. The brain can absorb new information.
  5. Delta Level: The brain waves have slowed down and your brain is in a deep sleep. Deep levels of hypnosis can reach this state, the subconsciousness mind is fully in control. The Delta state is linked to healing or physical recuperation because it heightens the connection between the unconscious process of your mind that regulates the physical system of your body.

Metaphysical and Alchemical Hypnosis


Hypnosis for Past Life Exploration

Imagine what it would be like to relax deeply,  be able  to travel into the past and discover a brand new perception of life?

To go back in time to pick up pieces or fragments of your soul, to bring this back and merge it back into the missing link.

A light hypnotic state that takes you back to other lifetimes. At times this experience can feel like watching a movie and you are the main character.  Some don't see anything and just feel the experience.

Through this awareness there is a sense of knowing, an understanding and forgiveness. Acknowledging these feelings gives the soul permission to let go and release what is no longer serving you.

Karmic blocks can be released, through going back into a distant past, where you can identify blocks that are holding you back in your present life time.

Symbolic truths or new found wisdom according to your interpretation can be implemented into your current life.

Release recurring patterns, karma, and setbacks that create ongoing challenges in your life.

These sessions are transformative, creative and a curious form of self-discovery.

Akashic Records & Life Between Lives Sessions

These sessions are for those who have the  curiosity to take self transformation seriously, if you are looking for a deeper meaning and a deeper truth to be revealed to you.

It is recommended to try the Past life sessions first before entering into this experience because you will have had the experience to understand the process first and feel more comfortable into delving deeper to accessing deeper information.

During this journey you are pure spirit, your unconscious mind allows you to see your true being, where it is possible to visit your soul family, meet your guides, learn your soul name and soul purpose, visit the Akashic Records, the council of elders, and finally your life history.

For some this may not be accessible right away because it takes practice and deeper relaxation to be able to access this information.

More focus is needed and the confidence to try. You will receive profound information that is inspiring.

This stage of frequency will let you see your setbacks and how you can transform and bring back new knowledge that can benefit your current lifestyle.

Get ready to explore another spiritual modality,  journey and uplift through different levels of frequencies and awareness and into your book of life.

"Allow Yourself to See What You Don't Allow Yourself to See"

-  Milton H. Erickson

"Allow Yourself to See What You Don't Allow Yourself to See"

-  Milton H. Erickson

Clinical Hypnosis Session

Release Your Karma


Increase Clarity and Connection With Your Intuition


Stress and Pain Management


Create Motivation For Manifesting Abundance


Deeper Relaxation and Better Sleep


Let Go of Old Habits and Shift Your Life


Reduce Weight

Release Your Karma








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