Unleash Self Love

Fuel your Passion.

What is Self Love?  We’ve been hearing this term for a while now and how exactly do you find self-love?

Most of us may think, well I do love myself? I’ve got it going…I have a great relationship, a big house, a successful career/business and a fancy car, what else do I need?

It’s not really about what you need, there’s nothing wrong with having scored big with material gains! But are you using it for helping others?  The other ordeal is most of humanity is either starving, or consumed with materialism.  Humanity has lost connection with the most important component of our being, the disconnection of spirit.

Many of us are so stressed, trying to juggle the performance of life, obsessed with being perfect, keeping up with the image, trying to figure out what’s the latest trend. For women it can be even more draining with trying to project the so called perfect image according to social media!  How should my face look,  I’m overweight, and the list goes on, all these thoughts are draining and controlling us!

So, back to self love, trying to change your image to fit in, is this really self love?

Step back, take a deep breath 1-2-3.

Well the industry says that women have to look a certain way, be a certain way and aging naturally is not ok.

Really so, it’s not ok to have wrinkles?   Hmmmm let me think about that?

What about aging gracefully? Old age is knowledge and wisdom. It is about spiritual maturity! The younger generation is trying so hard to look a certain way that I don’t think women truly understand what this programming is creating.

There are many things that are questionable in society, such as our own value system. What are your values?

Now what is self love? What are you battling with?  What do you need to overcome? Who are you trying to impress?

Trying to obtain love from outer fulfillment stimulation will just end up exhausting you!

It really is about accepting yourself the way you are, ok, yes we all need some sort of up keeping, for instance, staying healthy by selecting food choices wisely, practicing some sort of exercise to keep our body circulating and rejuvenated, learning how to develop your mindset from negative to a more positive outlook on yourself and this world.

Is this too much? It’s actually quite simple, going back to basics, self confidence to build self love and self-acceptance.

Most people are disconnected from their whole body. Body awareness is self love and is vital for understanding that we are not just physical beings, we also have a subtle body, our vital energy force that most people live neglecting everyday.

Why is it important to understand how to work with this energy body?  Sacred union,  alignment, alchemical marriage begins with balancing your entire system, physical, mental and subtle bodies. This life force helps us live from a more peaceful state of mind and acceptance. When you learn to calm your entire being and live from a healthy mental state you have the opportunity to access your intuitive gifts and work with your energetic body to release emotional wounds that block your body from flowing naturally.



This New Year is a powerful year according to the Chinese astrological signs it is the year of the Wood Dragon.  If you understand the symbology behind dragons, you must know Dragons represent power!

Remember that empowerment begins within, and all is derived by your energetic frequency.  So, what do I mean by this? If you are in alignment with your higher dimensional self than to be able to access these powerful vibrational frequencies of the Dragon energy,  is possible.

The more you understand how to work with your vibrational body the more you can access! There is new research now that what you say, think and how you react creates your life.  The more aligned you are with your Higher Self the more you can manifest.

Words are like little pieces of artwork, what you speak and how you display it to the world will determine your life and interaction with others and yourself.

Back to the energy of the Dragon, empowerment is something we must build upon to reach it, and it can take time but that is ok.  If you have done the work and are ready to achieve your goals this year is a great year for manifesting your dreams, finishing your unfinished projects, getting it out there, your business goals if they are in alignment can manifest this year with great potential. Relationships and your career will flow this year.

The Dragon energy also helps you break away old structures, old belief patterns that are holding you back, and low self esteem. Dragons are also about Nature, so it is important to learn how to ground yourself through your breath for a deeper Inner Connection. It is about slaying down the parts of you that just do not serve you! To find healthy alternatives in life that can give you happiness and inner fulfillment to truly be at peace with U!

When you understand how to work with your energy body and the energies that surround you, you can access higher positive frequencies that support you during your ascension to empowerment, embodiment. Embodiment is about self love and self acceptance.

There are many avenues to exploring how to access this ability whether it be through yoga, meditation, coaching and transmissions.

What are transmissions? They are energy codes sent to you, this helps elevate your consciousness and refines your energy connection with your subtle body.

Learning how to work with your energy body is vital, understanding your auric field, accessing your higher self, working with Reiki, Angelic energy healing, shamanism.  All these methods help develop your energetic connection and self love.

Set your goals for this year and achieve your dreams!

Do you want to live from a deeper level of trust?

Would you like to connect with your highest energetic abilities?

Have you had a kundalini awakening?

Do you know how to work with your auric field and subtle body?

Do want to live from self-acceptance and self-love?

Do you want to stop overburdening yourself over your image?


If you are interested in elevating, now is your opportunity to start. Embark on a self-discovery journey towards self love.

Uncover your deepest passions, discover  your life’s purpose, how to glow and how to self-heal.

What are you waiting for?  Get started with my ebooks on self improvement!   Or my Tantric Spiritual coaching sessions to develop your psychic, intuitive abilities, your inner connection, self-love and increase your elevation to your highest self. Unlock your Inner Goddess!

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