Spiritual Embodiment Mentorship Program

Delve into your psyche for introspection, resonance, and dive into your portal of wisdom!

Take back your power and place it into your own hands! What if you could take that power and uplift yourself.  If you had all the tools to keep yourself feeling great and energized each day wouldn't you want to know how to improve yourself, and have access to those tools?

This mentorship takes you into a deeper exploration of how to work with developing your inner intuitive resources within you! You will learn how to shift challenges into transformation. Integrating powerful tools for change, that can be applied to your daily life.

Have you been feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, stuck or something is just not right? As intuitive beings’ women have deep wisdom that lies deep within their body. This hidden source is who you are and this can be brought out to light, your way back to your true essence through connection.

Personal development with your inner power gives you the opportunity to transform your life and uncover the true meaning of self-love.

Many live disconnected from their heart chakra struggling to open this frequency. We have been taught from a young age that we are not good enough and self-esteem issues reflect themselves in our bodies. It is imperative to access your powerful inner tools, guidance can assist you in fine tuning your mind, body, and soul activation.

Coaching methods include:

  • Breathwork
  • Kundalini & Tantric techniques for awakening
  • Quantum Nutrition
  • Somatic and Trauma informed strategies
  • Hypnosis/Past life/Akashic readings
  • Energy work
  • Sacred Union
  • Abundance, pleasure
  • Bio energetic techniques
  • Goddesses & Spiritual Guides
  • Psychic Psychology/Energy Medicine
  • Intuitive Development
  • Divine Relationships

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Spiritual Embodiment Mentorship Program

This online mentorship is uniquely and individually designed for women and men.

6 months | 1.5 hours 3 sessions per month includes eBook and workbook. 

$5700 $3999

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