Your Blissful Soul!

There are many interpretations for spirituality, it is not about religion but rather a connection with oneself, a piece that seems to be missing. Perhaps an unknown that is unexplainable, something that is larger than our capacity to comprehend. Do you feel that you are constantly questioning what is out there? What is my purpose in life? Who am I?

There is a sense of grasping for the unreasonable that can’t be reached, a sense of awe, sometimes even inspiration to delve into the deep darkness and explore the unknown, or sometimes finding a path that will lead to enlightenment the journey of self discovery.

Navigating through inquiry can be a start to unraveling many unexplored paths. First it may lead to a crossroad that can seem misleading and the correct road to choose from may seem difficult and so far to see and to reach.

Which direction should be chosen, followed, or to remain stuck in. Which one will you be guided towards?

Soul development is exploring a deeper connection within your being. It is the search of the missing puzzle pieces, placing them back together again. For they only need to be found, rediscovered, they are there, just hidden.

Unraveling and learning how to connect with this aspect that we have not been taught how to do, is the relationship with our soul, that has been neglected. This connection is not questioned, it is ignored, or we pretend to not acknowledge this important part of our being.

The soul is the true essence within us, when consciousness is born into this life. It is the life force that determines the constitution of our life. This energy makes our life possible. It is the yin/yang force that creates the duality that we surrender to everyday for our human survival. The soul is the motor that keeps us functioning. Hence, Aligning to our higher self helps us align to our higher purpose in life.

With the Holistic and Yoga revolution, or new age thinking, many have been finding that questionable road and exploring new avenues and adventures to pursuing a new outlook in life. There is bliss that we can all find! New forms of self empowerment a spiritual perspective along with the yogic path, that is one direction. Additionally, Yoga is the exploration of our soul that leads to spiritual breakthroughs, a self empowering journey towards enlightenment.

There are many other spiritual paths without practicing yoga, such as connecting with your own intuitive/psychic abilities, such card reading, Angelic communication, Goddess connection, any form that will awaken self empowerment that you can reach.

Soul Development

Soul development carries many different modalities, for exploration, but just remember that this is the fun part, to delve into the unknown and to learn what we have not been taught.

In the last two years spirituality has spread across the internet, there is so much interest in getting to know this aspect of ourselves, because there is something greater out there. We can all achieve our true potential and arrive to a place of bliss and happiness.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness, starts wanting this truth, and through remembering you can embrace your inner essence through techniques that will encourage you to attain this ideal.

Your level of perception and awareness changes according to the state of harmony that you are living, awakening awareness. The world can be a place of bliss or dissatisfaction depending on your level of perception. Most people live stuck in the “mooladhara” root chakra, or in the higher chakras full of higher expectations. Furthermore, The purpose is to bring these states of consciousness into balance. Where there is no spiritual bypassing and a person is not living in a stagnant state.

Kundalini is the potential in us, that exists deep within, that is untapped and unused. Also, This force of energy is awakened in the “mooldhara” root chakra or between the “swahisthana” sacral chakra, this force streams along up towards the higher chakras.

When living from the lower chakras we are living from an instinctive level, self awareness is low.

When awareness is brought to this lower level, the dominant self centred thoughts, and re-actions are what hold us back. Thus, Through yoga and spiritual practice this kundalini energy is transformed from a static state to an activating energy form, beginning to ascend and express an energetic release throughout the body, triggering the sahasrara (crown) chakra to awaken. Kundalini energy can also reside anywhere in the body including in different chakras.

Many people live in a state of insecurity and instability everyday grinding through life and not questioning if there is more to life. People attain materialistic wealth to fulfill their needs disconnected from harmony and lost in self gratification. Stuck in the same crossroad circling in the same repeated direction.

There is a different path for those that live stuck in unhappiness, there is a path to your Souls Fulfillment. A deeper reason to ensure prosperity, love and authentic living. Awakening this awareness begins with acknowledging that something is missing , the reason for unhappiness is perceived, but can be dimmed and ignored.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Are you fulfilled with your career?
  • Are you more concerned with your materialistic surroundings, cars, houses, clothing, ?
  • Do you have authentic relationships, friends?
  • Are your thoughts aligned with a higher perception?
  • Are you being true to yourself?
  • Are you connected with nature?
  • Are you passionate about life?
  • Have you had a spiritual awakening and feel confused or fearful?
  • Are you ready to clear your path and start a fresh start?

Find a comfortable place with your journal where you can jot down your thoughts. Without a doubt, Sit where you feel cozy and focus on these questions and let your mind respond without criticism.

The path of higher awareness, your Souls Journey, is a path of devotion and the connection with your mind, body and soul. So, Living from this space gives life more meaning to flourish with less stress, meaningful truth, liberation, and peace.

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