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Reiki and Shamanism, let’s get started! As we approach the new cycle, the spring equinox, the season of rebirth and renewal and the Zodiac sign of Aries. It is the season of fertility that brings in new passion, awakens fresh insight and the beginning of new projects. With this new perspective, it also means transformation blossoming into finding new meaning and new forms of expression. This can be self development, learning new skills or a new modality for self healing!

Reiki originates in Japan the founder was Dr. Mikao Usui. He was very interested in discovering how to heal like Jesus did, as it is discussed in the “Dead Sea scrolls” that the “Essenes” which Jesus was a part of, used similar Reiki techniques. Disciples practiced very sacred methods to ascend to altered states of consciousness for well-being. Their understanding was that nutrition and living a positive lifestyle influenced their inner connection, according to “Gnosticism and the Teachings of the Essenes”.

Dr. Usui studied at the Monastery of Tendai Buddhism he learned about Tao symbols, philosophy and how to work with energy. Similar symbols were used in Hindu Ayurvedic traditions and in ancient Egypt. The training he received was to train the mind and body to confront Karma and to transform it into Dharma/enlightenment. The “Path of Bodhisattva,” of compassionate service. In his writings he states that “Shinrei Ryoho (a spiritual method of healing), is a practice of spirit, kokomo, which means mind and heart blended as one.”

Dr. Usui was very familiar with shamanic practices and followed it closely. Shamanism heals the body from energetic blocks, guiding energy and removing interference in the body. Many shamanic medicine men and women throughout the world, including South and North America have similarities in their traditions. Energy work is a tool that immerses into energetic clearing and wellness. It can be discovered in many diverse modalities that have similar Reiki components.

  1. Using stones, symbols and fasting is a shamanic skill that has been used for centuries. In Tibetan Buddhism, “shamanism is practiced to reach a higher level of consciousness, a bardo state by calling on spirit, and using symbology to communicate, liberation by hearing”. Integration is the goal for inner vision to develop. Maha mudra works through symbols for unification.
  2. There are other traditions that also work with symbols such as Tao, kundalini yoga uses the chakras and chanting. Dr. Usui came to realize with time that illness and disease was due to many variables but the most common seemed to be the state of mind that caused most ailments. Karma is also a main a focus, a pre-arranged soul arrangement in this lifetime. Unless one does not awaken to their soul choices, that have been destined, one cannot change their karma and create a new life plan/Dharma.
  3. Shamanism takes us into a deeper form of perception, the client meets with their animal guide, through meditation, visualization. The deep connection with nature helps to transform our delusional state that most people live in. Understanding how to work with Mother Earth and all beings that compose this Earth helps awaken us to higher state of consciousness that can help energy healing. Truth is received from Earth, eating healthy food also increases a healthy lifestyle, eating fresh food directly from the ground.
  4. Energy healing works deeply in the cellular levels, transmuting heavy blocks that can keep a person from living fully. Discovering how to work with Reiki and shamanism is the start to self healing, a spiritual journey for self development.
  5. From a young age we can be taught how to work with our energetic body, whether this be through, yoga, breathing, meditation, energy healing, there are many alternatives today that work with the body.
  6. It’s important to realize that before we get to the stage of illness, it can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle. It is not just the physical body that needs to be taken care of, it is also the mind and the soul connection that needs to be worked on to work in sync with the entire body. Living disconnected from these parts creates a life that cannot be lived fully.
  7. Awakening perception to our inner intuitive nature begins learning how increase our connection!
Reiki is Universal

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