Reiki Level One: Soul Development with Reiki

Rediscover and Reconnect with your Divine Self

CERTIFICATION COURSE: Become a Level One Reiki Practitioner

Channel healing energies all of this can be tapped into with Reiki.

Reiki for personal spiritual evolution a self practice or for a new career. This is a  comprehensive beginner course that introduces the foundation in Reiki practice. Take this course to:

  • Increase your energetic abilities to connect with the Universal Energy Flow
  • Reiki helps physically, spiritually and emotionally to understand your own power
  • Promotes spiritual growth and enlightenment
  • Increases creativity, concentration and intuition
  • Re-aligns with your Higher Self
  • Increases Prana our Life Force
  • Your vibrational frequency elevates

Exploring deeper, and accessing your guidance

Take this online self-led course from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

Usui Reiki, natural Healing known to us as a method of energy work initiated by Dr. Mikao Usui.

There are many modalities that work with energy healing, Reiki is one modality that connects you with your energetic body, through symbols, easy to learn and access making a person aware of their inner potential.

You have the capacity to tap in directly to higher consciousness, higher awareness through your natural abilities, information that is quick, direct,  accurate, the clearer your connection the faster you can attain to this source of knowledge.

Reiki is a different form of tapping into and shifting your body from stress to restoring balance to your mind, and body. Reiki releases a heaviness from the body and creates a new positive attitude towards life.

As we continue to evolve and begin to learn more, energy can be experienced through different forms and explained with  terms, such as Kundalini, Tantric, Tao, Reiki, Quantum, Angelic, Shamanic, Light Touch, Spirit, Soul, Quantum Physics: atoms, particles, etc and the list goes on. The message is that energy is your LIFE FORCE. Yes simple as that.

Bio-photons which are emissions of light, transmit information within and between our cells. Within the cells exists DNA that stores and releases photons which holds the coding of our constitution. We can change our physical conditioning by transforming our energy field.

The best form to comprehend energy techniques is to experience and feel it. Accessing energy can be learned through many different modalities to attain this fountain of enlightenment.

Reiki uses symbols as focus points to be able to access energy that is outside of us and within us. Energy may also exist on different levels of frequencies. Accessing this different source of vibration elevates the density of the physical body, liberating energetic stagnation.

Reiki, or energy healing is already ahead in the virtual world, as it can travel across time and space without even needing an internet connection.

Modern Energy Healers

Broaden your online presence and your reach, practice Reiki online.

The world needs you, learning Reiki provides an opportunity to provide your knowledge anywhere in the world!

Being able to study and provide Reiki online has taken on a new realm of possibilities.

In person and distance energy work is accessible, a form of providing your skills, globally and locally.

This can be through online or in person workshops, and group settings.

Reiki is energy, and everything that exists, is composed of energy. Energy can be accessed and sent via internet, in person or just through intention. There is a lack of understanding of how energy exists and constantly changes, transmutes and flows.

Energy is free flowing it cannot be owned nor supervised by anyone, it cannot be contained.

Connect with the divine light. Raise your vibration. Nourish your inner self.

What's included with this course?

Reiki for personal spiritual evolution a self practice or for a new career. This is a  comprehensive beginner course that introduces the foundation in Reiki practice. Learn about the history and benefits of Reiki in the Reiki Level One. This ancient tradition uses the power of energy to heal the body, mind, and soul. The course include 12 Lessons, Manuals, 1 final Quiz and Certification.

You will learn to:

  • Increase your Intuitive Abilities
  • Access your Spiritual Guidance
  • Deepen your Higher Level of Awareness
  • Align your chakra system
  • Reduces stress, pain and tension
  • Increases subtle energy awareness
  • Improve your sleep, focus and clarity
  • Practice Reiki in health care clinics, with children, babies and animals
  • Soothe the body, by creating a calm state of being, serenity and peace
  • Deepen self acceptance through self healing

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