Reclaim your Body: Master your Cycle

Reclaim your Body: Master your Cycle

Rediscover and Reconnect with your Body

Understand your Body's Anatomy to increase your Inner connection.

Channel your Inner Wisdom

Reclaim your Body for personal development and knowledge of self care. This is a  comprehensive outline that introduces the foundation of your Reproductive system, endocrine system, and how your hormones fluctuate during peri-menopause and menopause.  Beautiful journal prompts to enhance your learning skills. This is an instructional self help and educational course for informative purposes only, and NOT a certification course.

Take these lessons:

  • Increase your knowledge on how your body functions to empower U!
  • Learn the physical, spiritual and emotional components to understand your own power.
  • Increase your spiritual growth, creativity and your intuitive connection.
  • Understand how to work with your monthly cycles.
  • Exercises for calming your mind.
  • Breathing techniques to regulate your body.

Exploring deeper, and accessing your guidance

Take this online self-led coaching course from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

Reclaim your body gives you the tools for working with your body's inner wisdom.

Also discover meal plans that will enhance your hormonal level and not work against you. Learn how your metabolism functions effectively with the proper healthy food choices. Tips for fat burning.

You have the capacity to tap in directly to inner awareness by listening to your body's signals. Learn how to develop a clear your mind and enhance energy.

Reclaim your body with techniques that will improve your well-being, decrease stress, reset your nervous system,  restore balance to your mind, and body. Create a new positive attitude towards life.

Master your cycle with journal prompts and workbooks where you can track your internal changes.  You can change your physical conditioning by transforming your life force.

Accessing tools that will increase your stamina during your daily life events, create a positive outlook and you will feel much better when you have access to applying a healthy diet into your life routine.

Understand why your body becomes stuck from eating the wrong foods, learn how to work with your mood shifts. When your mind and body are in sync, your vitality increases and a sense of inner peace flows.

What's included with these lessons?

Connect with and reclaim your body's inner wisdom! Nourish your inner self.

Self practice comprehensive e-course that introduces how to Master your Cycle and learn the benefits of establishing a deeper relationship with yourself.

This online bundle offers you rich content that you can read each day and follow in the comfort of your home.

This is NOT a Certification course. It is educational and informative.

The lessons include:

Course Curriculum

Embodiment and wellness for Women:

Self-discovery with self care ebooks, journals and worksheets to fill out from the comfort of your home!

  • Module 1: Reclaim Your Body: Increase your knowledge with understanding your body's anatomy. Includes: How to work with your Cycle, and the Influence of your Hormonal System ebooks.
  • Module 2: Improve your Gut: Discover influences on your gut and how to improve your body with meal plans. Increase your metabolism and energy, excellent gut nourishing and fat burning  recipes for hormonal balance.
  • Module 3: Mindfulness: Self care techniques, and how to improve your sleep.
  • Module 4: Reseting your Nervous System: with powerful techniques. Includes 2 videos.
  • Module 5: Relaxation and Movement. Includes 2 videos.

This Online Self Led E-course has been designed and written by Elizabeth Yvonne Natural Nutritional Certified Practitioner, Spiritual Director, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer


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