Embark on your yoga spiritual journey towards self-care, self- development and devotion.

This workbook is designed to start you off on your journey towards practicing yoga and making it part of your everyday life.

Practicing meditation helps implement a mindful lifestyle.

Breathwork creates a healthy mind and body connection.

This workbook will help create mental discipline in your life.

Keeping yourself devoted to practice helps you establish a discipline that will help you cope with and decrease your everyday challenges,  stress, anxiety, etc, that can impact your life,  work, and relationships.

Make a commitment and start your transformation!


Start your spiritual journey today!

  • You will receive a bundle 14-page ebook  Yoga Planner by Elizabeth Yvonne Spiritual Director, Embodiment Coach
  • 33-page Yoga Journal/Workbook with Journal Prompts
  • Practical exercises to increase awareness and connection.
  • Connect with self and your yoga practice.
  • Learn techniques that connect you to your body.
  • An ebook workbook to keep you dedicated and devoted to your Yoga practice and spiritual exploration!





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