6 week yoga program includes:

Meet once or twice a week; Depending on what you have chosen this is an example of how the sessions can be arranged each week:

  • 1st week yoga one on one assessment, yoga techniques and nutritional tips, first session 2 hours
  • 2nd week focus on your concerns with yoga
  • 3rd week techniques for de-stressing the body
  • 4th week learn how to create more focus
  • 5th week understanding techniques that can be used in your daily life
  • 6th week sequences and tools that you can apply at home and work

What you will need: comfy clothes, floor space for the class, a yoga mat or something equally as comfortable, stable connection to Zoom for Online sessions.

Read further details about this program by scrolling down on this page.

For in-person sessions: If you are in a close vicinity of KW Area and would like to arrange an in person session, please email me first for availability at info@embodydivinewellness.com Please note that there is a $30 additional fee for in person session.



Online Yoga One On One Sessions

Yoga Movement, Meditation and Breathwork

We will address any concerns during these sessions with Breath-work, Yoga & Meditation.

A process of inner exploration to learn, mind, body and soul integration.

Through yogic wisdom, contemplative practice to break down obstructions as we progress.

Spiritual principles will be learned to apply to your relationships, work, and life.

What you will attain:

  • Individualized sessions to help with pain, to create strength and flexibility.
  • Build a deeper relationship with yourself.
  • Release trauma that builds up in the tissue, stiff joints and restricted muscles.
  • Learn how to improve arthritis symptoms.
  • Subtle poses that are focused on stabilizing the body on the floor, on a chair or lying down.
  • Discover techniques that will facilitate your mental clarity and can be practiced at home.
  • Release stress, tension and increase a calmer state of being.
  • We will identify your blockages, to re-harmonize your disconnection.
  • You will be provided tools to continue guiding you with your own journey.

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Full Payment (Discounted), Monthly Plan