Dive into this  Magical Digital Ebook”,  full of prompts, and exercises  to cultivate a connection with your Intuitive Abilities. With prompts that will guide you into reflecting on increasing your intuitive connection.  Learn to bring out this awareness to enhance your ability to listen.  This journal serves as a bridge, guiding you towards a path of higher conscious awareness.

Gain insight on:

  • Understand how to attain this connection.
  • Reflect on how to improve your perception with journal prompts.
  • Establish a deeper devotion to yourself with journaling to build a positive mindset.
  • Exercises to practice to enhance a deeper intuitive relationship.
  • Tips on how to keep your body and mind clear.

Start your spiritual journey today!

  • You will receive a 74-page Digital Ebook “Increase your Intuitive Abilities”  by Elizabeth Yvonne Spiritual Director, Embodiment Coach
  • A 27-page “Unleash your Intuitive Abilities: Connect with your Inner Wisdom” Journal and Workbook full of enriching exercises to practice and to reflect on.

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