One-on-one Online 70 mins Tantra Yoga Class via Zoom. 730pm-840pm.

For 8 weeks come join me ONLINE and  release your body and de-stress your mind with  tantric techniques that will enhance your inner connection.

8 weeks awakening your subtle body, delving into your deep rooted potential, to be able to flow!

A somatic practice to help reset your nervous system, work with your life force and embody presence. We as women have been taught to suppress our sensuality, emotions and to repress our intuitive knowing.

We have unknowingly suppressed parts of ourselves that we have not allowed ourselves to express.

Week 1 – 2 Delve into your shadow

Week 3 -4 Discover how you hold empowerment within you

Week 5 – 6 Work with your tantric power through awareness

Week 7- 8 Explore the art of self healing, work with your energetic body


Participate in this tantric process and experience how this will Empower U!

IMP Note: This is an online class. Once you book your session, you will receive a Zoom invite link to join the meeting on the receipt page as well as in the order receipt email.


Learn the Embodiment of Tantra!

Empower yourself on how to release your internal blocks that hold you back from living from wholeness.

Awaken your sexual/sensual energies.

There is a huge misconception that Tantra is just about sex!  Tantra is much more, it is about learning the techniques on how to work with your body to attain a deeper connection with your subtle body.  Quantum physics states that in order to live from wholeness we must integrate our energetic life force with our physical expression to have easier access in releasing repressed emotions!

Through movement and tantric techniques discover how to self heal!  You hold the power within you!

Join me and explore how to release old patterns that set you back.


Connect with your Body and Allow your Body to VIBE!