One-on-one Online 30 mins Consultation via Zoom

Guidance for you:

  • Clarify situations and challenges.
  • Highlight patterns that are reoccurring and need to change.
  • Deeper understanding of circumstances that feel blocked.
  • Address what holds you back from progress.
  • New outlook on transformation.
  • Messages on how to renew your new potential and strengths.
  • Self-discovery and exploration to your inquiries.

30 min online session via zoom or the reading can be emailed. Specify your preference.

IMP Note: This is an online session. Once you book your session, you will receive a Zoom invite link to join the meeting on the receipt page as well as in the order receipt email.

For in-person session: If you are in a close vicinity of KW Area and would like to meet in person, please first email me for availability at info@embodydivinewellness.com Please note that there is a $30 additional fee for in person session.
Please pick a booking period
  • 15-Apr-2024
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I use Oracle cards and the Tarot deck; I intuitively receive guidance with messages and insights to help with your questions. If you need encouragement with any decisions, self-reflection, or a greater insight to deeper understanding of life situations, relationships, behaviours. Channeling higher sources brings in clarity to answer what you need to hear. When you sign up for a reading, it can be via zoom, or you also have the option of receiving your reading via email. You’ll receive a picture of the drawn cards, along with the messages and intuitive insights channeled by our spiritual guides.

Investment: Sliding scale pricing, contact: info@embodydivinewellness.com