One-on-one Online 90 mins Consultation via Zoom

Are you interested in:

  • Developing a positive mindset
  • Letting go of what holds you back.
  • Release toxic situations, patterns, thoughts,
  • Identify and transform negative habits.
  • Connect with your Akashic memories, past lives and beyond.
  • Transport yourself to a deeper level of conscious awareness.

Session also include: Worksheets and exercises

IMP Note: This is an online session. Once you book your session, you will receive a Zoom invite link to join the meeting on the receipt page as well as in the order receipt email.

For in-person session: If you are in a close vicinity of KW Area and would like to meet in person, please first email me for availability at info@embodydivinewellness.com Please note that there is a $30 additional fee for in person session.
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  • 15-Apr-2024
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This session focuses on connecting with the hidden aspects of yourself that are deep rooted such as negative habits, old patterns and belief systems that limit your progress in life. As we clear these thoughts, you are opening a pathway that is clear to accomplish your purpose. You will gain a brighter insight to transform yourself and your life. I will provide you with techniques to practice during your continual self-development.

Investment: Sliding scale pricing, contact: info@embodydivinewellness.com