Dive into this  Magical Digital Journal”,  full of prompts  to cultivate Enhancing your Psychic Awareness.  With prompts that will guide you into reflecting on connection with the moon energies, rituals, crystal knowledge, tarot spread and journaling your reflections.  Learn to bring out this awareness to manifest your abilities.  This journal serves as a bridge, guiding you towards a path of enlightenment.

Gain insight on:

  • Work with journal prompts to learn how to work with your intuitive gifts.
  • Reflect on manifestation rituals.
  • Establish a deeper devotion to yourself with journaling to build on a positive mindset.

Start your spiritual journey today!

  • You will receive a 16-page Digital Moon Cycles Journal by Elizabeth Yvonne Spiritual Director, Embodiment Coach
  • A 9-page Tarot spread with prompts.
  • A 30-page Gemstone/Crystals Informative Ebook guide.
  • A 15-page Crafting a spiritual candle ritual.
  • A 12-page Astrology Signs Images

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