This mentorship takes you deeper into exploring how to work with challenges, integrating powerful tools for transformation that can be practiced each week. Delve into your psyche for introspection, resonance, and dive into your portal of wisdom!

  • This online mentorship is uniquely and individually designed for women.
  • 6 months | 1.5 hours 3 sessions per month includes eBook and workbook. 

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Embodiment Mentorship for Women

6 months | 1.5 hours 3 sessions per month includes eBook and workbook.

Let me show you how to Create Magic through Embodiment!

This mentorship  takes you into a deeper exploration of how to work with your challenges.

You will learn Embodiment tools for transformation that can be practiced each day.

Learn how to feel at ease, connected.

Increase your intuitive nature, and your true essence.

Cultivate your own healing powers,  bring ritual into your life!

Cycle 1:

Embody your Sacred Nature: 2 months

  • Women’s body menstruation, menopause, sensuality.
  • Claim your pleasure, create harmony with your partner.
  • Release old wounds & ancestral programming.
  • Deepen your connection with your partner.
  • Connect with your inner child & bring your magical belief back again.
  • Connect with spiritual helpers & Goddess energies
  • Rewilding and connecting with your primal energy flow.
  • Kundalini & Tantric awakening (shiva and Shakti)

Cycle 2: 3rd month

Creative power, transformation

As we advance to the 2nd month, we will integrate profound awakenings.

  • Slay away poverty consciousness into abundance.
  • You are worthy, connect with your life purpose.
  • Learn how to live inspired to work through a limiting mindset.
  • Flourish and purify, burn away energetic remnants from previous lovers.
  • Set healthy boundaries, stop chasing, reconnect with your body & balance your energies.
  • A goddess knows her self-worth and to be her true self.
  • Embrace your masculine Shiva and Feminine Shakti energies.

Cycle 3: 4th – 5th month

Create to inspire through expression

  • Show up as your true authentic self, stop feeling rejected.
  • Feel more available to access your intuitive & physical connection.
  • Embodiment tools for feeling safe and for stress management.
  • Access sensory pathways to channel & live with passion.
  • Embrace your natural moon cycle for women.

Cycle 4: 6th mont

Surrender, clarity, enlightenment

  • Cultivate your natural intuitive abilities.
  • Profound awakening, rewiring your neural pathways.
  • A new outlook to finding inner peace.
  • A healthier relationship with yourself and loved ones.
  • Rewrite your story.
  • Harness your energetic life force for the life you desire.

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