ONLINE Self Led E-Course


Receive this Self Coaching ONLINE Wellness Bundle full of educational information to help you get started on regulating your system! Tons of information that you would receive in several consultations! These consultations are all bundled up together in one affordable package that you have access to anytime!

Easy to follow instructions with beautiful pictures, and illustrations.  You are saving tons and tons with this bundle!

Understand how to work with your body, how to improve your well-being, with healthy meal plans, to help regulate hormonal imbalances. Online informative training for women’s self empowerment!

This journey is transformational for well-being and self exploration!

You will learn how to increase your intuitive guidance, understand your lunar cycle and be able to integrate this knowledge into your everyday life.

If you are drawn to explore and increase your inner connection with your body start today!


  • Learn how to integrate this knowledge into your everyday practice.
  • Knowledge is self empowerment.
  • Work with your menstrual cycle.
  • Learn techniques to help you de-stress your body when experiencing PMS, and menopause.
  • Movement for soothing your body and mind.
  • Access your inner power.
  • Help yourself so you can feel more alert and radiate each day.
  • Enhance overall well-being to feel vibrant.

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Connect with your Body

Increase your knowledge to work with your body and intuitive knowing.

Easy to follow along Digital Online ebooks, journals, videos and workbooks.

Master your Natural Cycle!

This online informative e-course will teach you:

  • Techniques, to work with tracking your monthly cycle.
  • Discover the importance of your lunar cycle.
  • Take back you power and hold a higher frequency for yourself.
  • Learn several exercises to help your body during your monthly cycle.
  • Understand your hormones and how it influences peri-menopause and menopause.
  • Learn how to reduce stress with follow along videos and workbooks.

This course is designed for hormonal well-being.

  • Inner Depth: Discover techniques for deepening your inner connection.
  • Awareness & Awakening: Attune to your body through subtle movement.
  • Gut balance: Recipes designed for delicious meals, to balance your hormones.
  • Relaxation: Soothing techniques to deepen inner connection.

Course Curriculum

Embodiment and wellness for Women:

Self-discovery with self care ebooks, journals and worksheets to fill out from the comfort of your home!

  • Module 1: Reclaim Your Body: Increase your knowledge with understanding your body’s anatomy. Includes: How to work with your Cycle, and the Influence of your Hormonal System ebooks.
  • Module 2: Improve your Gut: Discover influences on your gut and how to improve your body with meal plans. Increase your metabolism and energy, excellent gut nourishing and fat burning  recipes for hormonal balance.
  • Module 3: Mindfulness: Self care techniques, and how to improve your sleep.
  • Module 4: Reseting your Nervous System: with powerful techniques. Includes 2 videos.
  • Module 5: Relaxation and Movement. Includes 2 videos. 

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