Learn how to Cultivate Emotional Intelligence Digital Ebook and Journal/Workbook that can be read and accessed on your laptop,  iPad, and cell phone.

The exploration of how to learn why it is important to increase your emotional intelligence and how it distinguishes a persons qualities.

This ebook and workbook will get you started on developing your emotional intelligence to excel with yourself and those around you!

Also gain tools that you can practice each day to increase your awareness and guide you down the path to discovering how to increase your intuitive abilities.

Establish a practice to increase your self confidence!

Develop self empowerment techniques that will increase self awareness and a deeper connection.


Start your spiritual journey today!

Included in this bundle:

  • You will receive a bundle 53-page ebook  by Elizabeth Yvonne Spiritual Director, Embodiment Coach
  • 67-page Journal/Workbook with exercises

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