Guidance for you:

  • Clarify your mind and connect with your body.
  • Deeper understanding of how to release tension.
  • Regulate your nervous system.
  • Renew your new potential and strength.
  • Self-discovery and exploration to your desires.
  • Enhance and alchemize your sexual energy.
  • Increase your libido, enjoy sexual magic with your partner.

What’s included:

  • Online via zoom one-on-one consultations
  • Sessions: 60 min $140.00
  • Worksheets and exercises if required


Please pick a booking period
  • 20-Jul-2024
  • 10:00
  • 13:00
  • 16:00


Work with your breath to enhance your Pranic life force body and learn how to regulate your nervous system. This is the perfect session for you! Cultivate your tantric and kundalini awareness. Knowledge is power, and learning how to work with your body is the most powerful technique that you can learn!

Most people don’t realize that the answer is truly within you, this isn’t a mystery, you hold the key to unlock your own lack of confidence, reduce stress, to de-clutter your mind. You have the key to live the life you desire and to manifest a peaceful, enriching and rewarding life. Get started now!


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