The overwhelming pressure of social media in our society has bombarded our intimate relationships leaving us confused, intimidated, overstimulated and with concepts that don’t make much sense!

How can we develop committed relationships?

How do we deepen sacred union and form trust?

Are you aware of techniques that awaken your body?

Ritual for stimulation?

Have you explored how to connect with your senses?

Learn how to form and deepen connection through Self-exploration, igniting the skill of touch and your partner’s energetic release!

Come join us!


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Come join us at Oasis of healing spa, Waterloo November 18th from 10 am until 5pm. A day of discovery with your partner!

Become Divine Lovers with Sacred Tantric Sensuality for Couples:

Tantra is the energetic and mindful connection with oneself. When we understand our bodies, we have the ability to connect on a deeper level with our partner. Tantra is a spiritual practice there is no separation between meditation, yoga, sex it is a practice of self-development.

  • Learn how to develop a deeper and meaningful relationship
  • Explore what sacred sex symbolizes and discover techniques that can can be used with your partner
  • Learn to work with your energy to let go and dissolve disconnection
  • Explore and understand your chakras that lead to bliss
  • Conscious intimate techniques
  • Build on receiving and giving pleasure
  • Lift your energy and flow with each other
  • Playful ritual preparations for your partner