This is a Vibrational Medicine Certification course. Learn how to identify your Auric colours, and those from others.

Learn how to identify energy leaks.

Bring positive balance, to form a harmonious relationship with your physical and subtle body.

Regularly working with the auric flow of energy helps you clear stagnant blocks, leaks, develops your intuition, and increases your vibrational frequency.

Start your spiritual journey today!

Included in this course:

  • 24-page course ebook Manual Working with your Aura and Workbook by Elizabeth Yvonne Spiritual Director, Energy Lightworker, Reiki Master.
  • 31 -pages how to work with your aura, scanning, Quantum Nutrition, clearing energetic poisons, & exploring your emotions.
  • 19-page Manual work with the pendulum
  • Meditative Audio
  • Certification


Aura Facilitator Certification

Was your soul asked to serve others?

Become an “Aura Facilitator ” by increasing your Intuitive Abilities, for connection with your Highest Self!

Easy to follow along with lessons online that you can access from anywhere.

You must also take care of your Auric Field!

In this training you will learn:

  • Techniques, to work with your Electromagnetic field.
  • Discover your own intuitive gifts and how to connect.
  • Add this energy healing method to your holistic practice such as Reiki.
  • Hold a higher frequency for yourself and share with others.
  • Learn about energy leaks and how to release negative attachments.
  • Strengthen your energetic auric connection.
  • Learn about your aura and chakra system.
  • Clearing techniques to be used on yourself and others.

This course is designed for energetic well-being and can be used in a variety of settings.

  • Inner Depth: Discover techniques for deepening your Auric connection.
  • Awareness & Awakening: Attunements, and meditation.
  • Holistic Energy Healing: Ignite your Aura to connect with your Highest Potential.
  • Auric Flow: Increase your frequencies let your Auric body shine.

Course Curriculum

  • Wonderment: Wonderment is all around us, through perceiving one can see past the veil.
  • Unveiling: When there is a realization that there is more to what is seen, we awaken to a world of new possibilities.
  • Modern Approach to Energy Healing: Facilitate Auric clearing  in one-to-one sessions.
  • Seeing beyond: Gain a new method for your holistic practice.
  • The Subtle Body: Work with  your Aura.
  • Increase Connection: This method of teaching increases a deeper connection with your inner wisdom.
  • Past the liminal stage: Balance your Higher conscious and subconscious levels.