Dive into this  Magical Digital Ebook “A Woman’s Lunar Cycle”,  Journals and Workbooks for Self Care  full of wonderful pictures and tips on learning how to listen and work with your body.  Understanding how to work with your body’s natural cycle, strengthens your  energy life force  and decreases obstructions.

Explore powerful points in your body that can be stimulated to enhance your level of awareness and sensuality. Learn the points that can deepen your senses on your own and with your partner.

Gain insight on:

  • Learn to work with your Menstrual cycle during the lunar phase.
  • Understand the Lunar phases and how it influences your body.
  • Lunar rituals for manifestation.
  • Increase your perception and inner connection.
  • Journal for self care.

Start your spiritual journey today!

  • You will receive a 32-page Digital Ebook by Elizabeth Yvonne Spiritual Director, Embodiment Coach
  • 52-page Moon Cycle Journal.
  • 16-page A Woman’s Sensual Points Ebook.
  • 70-page Lunar Cycle Workbook.
  • Practical exercises for self care and for awakening your perception.

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