Angel lightworker with red hair.
Angel lightworker with red hair.

Online Course

Are you an Earth Angel ?

Become an Angel Lightworker (TM)

Online training for individuals that are interested in the journey of the mystic!

Explore mystical realms and how to tune into higher frequencies to increase spiritual connection. 

ONLINE Self Led Course
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Receive a certificate for completing this in depth course. You will know how to access your spiritual abilities and be able to integrate it to your existing holistic practice such as energy healing, yoga, etc. 

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Angel Lightworker

Become an “Angel Lightworker” by increasing your Intuitive Abilities, for connection with Higher Spiritual Realms.

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Easy Access

Easy to follow along with lessons that you can access from anywhere. Classes are recordings available to rewatch.

Angelic Energy Forces have existed for centuries!

Angels have been amongst us since the beginning of time, sculptures, figurines all surround us in ancient paintings that are located in museums, churches, Egyptian temples, dating back to the Assyrian and Babylonian cultures and more.

Why isn't this discussed in history classes?

Why has this always been a taboo? It's hidden, secretive, or its something forbidden to talk about!

Have you ever asked yourself why?

Aren't you tired of living in a closed box and you can't see beyond the structured patriarchal system?

It's time to break free and find your inner truth and delve deep into this beautiful energetic force.  Why live a life that limits your beliefs.

Well there's more to what meets the eye and it's time to connect with spirit, your Essence your Soul, your Higher Self, or perhaps you are an Earth Angel!



Break Free, Your Higher Self
Is Calling



Angelic Therapy a curious form of energy bodies healing.  A connection with your Higher Self,  through mystical and esoteric techniques that will be taught to connect with Spirit and Angelic forces. 

In this training you will learn:

  • Meditation and visualization techniques, to work with Spirit and light codes.
  • Apply your clairsentience, clairaudient, claircognizance, etc abilities and how to enhance.
  • Practical exercises for a deeper connection.
  • You will gain experience on how to use energy healing with the Angelic realm for yourself and clients.
  • You will gain the confidence to add this energy healing method to your holistic practice such as Reiki.
  • Exploration of different historical lineages of Angelic Teachings.
  • This method increases self reflection and deepens your energetic connection.
  • Learn how to create a balanced system to call in spirit.
  • Deepen self-awareness to help relieve stress, tension, setbacks, habits.
  • Angelic Awareness helps with strengthening the entire body energetically.
  • Skills to  to guide clients through their chakra and kundalini energy system.
  • Sensitivity techniques to delve into realms and how to discuss this with clients.
  • Angelic Mediumship, connect with the Angelic realm, card reading.
  • Sound for a deeper form of relaxation.
  • Clearing techniques to be used on clients and to attune.

Course Schedule

Online Self Led Course
Starting Soon!

Angel Lightworker (TM)


We are entering a new paradigm with a shift towards new realizations, focusing on attaining your True Nature, your soul connection.

Within you, you have the inner tool to access your Divine connection through learning powerful tools that can enable this attainment to empower your soul development!

The Angel Lightworker is one of the most interesting and captivating forms of energy healing that can be implemented in holistic sessions.

This course is designed for energetic  well-being and can be used in a variety of settings.

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Inner Depth

Discover techniques for deepening your inner connection. 

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Breathwork & Meditation

Breath awareness, meditation, and visualizations.

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Mystical Teachings

Philosophy and historical myths, mysticism, metaphors, esoteric, expression to awaken enlightenment and perception.

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Holistic Energy Healing

Ignite your Celestial Angelic Energy for yourself, family, friends and clients.

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Chakra Flow

Angelic frequencies for your subtle body.

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Vibrational Instruments

Musical shamanic instruments, vibrational tuning forks, crystals.


Online training, course access and recordings.

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Course Curriculum


Wonderment is all around us, through perception one can see past the veil. 


When there is a realization that there is more to what is seen, we awaken to a world of new possibilities.

Modern Approach to Energy Healing

Learn to teach and facilitate Angelic Energy Healing in one-to-one sessions, meditation, and visualizations.

Seeing beyond

You will gain the confidence to add this method to your holistic  practice through creating your own expression.

Mysticism, Esoteric, teachings

Exploration of different lineages of Angelic Beings through history. 

The Subtle Body

Work with the chakras and Prana.

Higher Realms

Access a new paradigm.

Relaxation Energy Techniques

Grounding with the higher realms. 

Increase Connection

This method of teaching increases a deeper connection with your inner wisdom.


Live inspired.

Past the liminal stage

Higher conscious and subconscious levels.


Online and in person training, access to lessons and to recordings.


Meet Your Instructor, Elizabeth

Elizabeth started in the holistic field over 25 years ago. Her spiritual awakening began when she was very young with Shamanic healing, remembering past lives and recalling spirit. Her expertise is nourishing and inspiring, leading from a place of knowledge, promoting health and wellness. Elizabeth is inquisitive and intuitive and works on creating a safe space for exploration, learning and for developing integration of the mind, body and spirit.

Elizabeth is the founder of Embody Divine Wellness, is renowned as an Intuitive Mystic, a Spiritual Director/Embodiment Coach,  Natural Nutrition & Hypnosis Clinical Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher.


Have More Questions?

No experience required, only an open mind ready to delve into your journey to explore an Angelic realm through discovering new shifts, and transformation.

Each week, we will meet via Zoom for the live classes.  You will receive the class, recordings and supplementary material will be available in your participant portal on the website to study.

Due to the nature of a downloadable product such as online courses,  hypnosis, meditations, and activations through mp3, audio, podcasts, ebooks purchased from the website will not be refunded if they are delivered by downloads that are emailed straight to the buyer within the date of purchase, due to the content being accessible right away.

Refunds are only permissible for in person workshops, courses, training 48 hours before the start date of the event if there has not been exchange of informational material.

A deposit fee is non-refundable.

Refunds for workshops, courses, training only, will be sent to the buyer within 14-30 days after the day of purchase.

Your email address will never be shared with any third parties, you will receive only the instructional content for which you signed up.

Embody Divine Wellness School for Sol Development offers mystical and spiritual teachings for those curious to explore what more life has to offer.  Meditation and visualization is incorporated into the program. Must be 18 years of age and older.

No experience is required, just an open mind.

No problem, we are always here to help.  Send an email to and we will respond as quickly as possible or you can also call 519-841-9278.

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