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Online Wellness, Coaching, and Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Courses


Welcome to Embody Divine Wellness


Recognized School for Soul Development

Accredited Yoga Certification Courses with Yoga Alliance and Canadian Yoga Alliance

Certified Yoga Online Teacher Training and Non-Contact Hours of Continuing Education Courses

Complete 200 hours Yoga Training and ADD ON Non-Contact hours of Continuing Education Credits and work your way up to 300 hours and 500 hours training.

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Become a Yoga Teacher with Online YTT Programs

Yoga is not just Physical Exercising; yoga is a spiritual practice. Yoga and meditation are about your internal development not focused on the external outcome!

It is important to create an accessible community, by deepening our inner connection through personal practice.

Sharing our inner gifts, healing, wisdom to help the entire world uplift their love frequency.

Online learning is a safe container to help explore and learn how to bring out your inner gifts,  supportive, and transformative.

Online Yoga Teacher Training is accessible for you!

With LIVE STREAMING ZOOM CLASSES, you can enjoy an in-person YTT experience from the comfort of your own home.

YTT Yoga training is spiritually driven 200hrs-500hrs and continuing education curriculum.

Kundalini , Tantra, Hatha and Shamanic Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation  and Yoga Philosophy.

Trauma-Informed YTT is also included  teaching how to incorporate instructional tools for stabilization, visualization practice, and how to alchemize this transformation. This process teaches you how to create space for shadow work, inner wound perceiving, how to blossom from this understanding.

Yoga Anatomy is also explored, the effects of healthy eating and how to to implement intuitive eating into your daily life.

Traditional Kaula Tantra, Hatha and the mystical teachings is taught.

Asanas, Kriyas alignment are properly reviewed and taught via Zoom classes  divided into rooms where students can apply this practice with each other through partner exercises. All live sessions will be recorded, so if you need to miss a class for any reason, a recording is accessible.  Content and assignments are all accessible and downloadable.

Sequences with themes will be taught, yoga is not just about poses, it is also about teaching techniques for self exploration.

Receive in depth study and practice on how to develop your yoga business practice, how to facilitate workshops, classes, address specific needs of individuals and special populations in a group setting, equality and inclusion in a classroom.

Learn the principles and ethics of how to establish a professional yoga business.


The 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is open to Qualified Yoga Teachers that have completed 200 hours yoga training. An interview will be required for further information.

Yoga Program

Each individual has the opportunity to complete the yoga courses within the set timeline of each course provided and if required the course can be extended.

If you choose to complete the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training, and continue with continue education credits, this can be done to complete the 300 hours and 500 hours Teacher Yoga Training.

It all depends on the individual's timeline to complete the training. Additional hours of homework, a project, and group work will finalize the program for certification.


  • Payment plans are available if required.

  • All information provided is treated as confidential.

  • Scholarships are available please email for an application.
  • Register by emailing elizyvonne@embodydivinewellness.com or calling 519-841-9278.

  • Please note:  Refunds will not be issued once admitted to this program.

  • Due to economic hardship or any other concerns please email for more details.

Yoga Training

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Personal Healing

Finding your balance, yoga training is more than just attaining a certificate, there is also a personal self development process integrated into the courses.

Helping you grow and expand deeply on a personal level, so you can fully express yourself from your essence and live in the present moment.

Experience rejuvenation, release past experiences, detach from emotional energies through shifting your awareness.

You will graduate from this yoga teacher training feeling embodied and empowered as an individual.

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Mindful Living

Yogic living teaches us to expand our consciousness and live a higher vibrational experience filled with an authentic state of being.

Presence, grace, and bliss, letting go of setbacks, understanding how to deal with life's challenges.

Establishing a healthy lifestyle abstaining from stimulating substances such as alcohol and coffee. Eating a whole, vegan or vegetarian diet.  To live a yogic lifestyle it is recommended to students to make some shifts from  encouraging experiencing new changes from old habits and conditioning.  Shifts can ignite enormous transformation in your body, your life, to attain a healthier form of being, finding peace, and wisdom in everyday life.

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A Spiritual and Mystical Journey

Yoga teacher training with Embody Divine Wellness deepens your intuitive understanding. Through teaching energetic healing, Prana (life-force energy), spirituality,  essential oils and other mystical techniques. Knowledge is woven into practical and scientific courses on kriyas, asanas, anatomy, sequencing, meditation, elemental learning and breath.

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Highlights Yoga Teacher Training

An inclusive and accepting atmosphere. Graduate with the knowledge and skills to provide effective tools for empowerment.  You will gain the necessary confidence, and experience to teach yoga.

Asanas, meditations for healing, growth, self discovery, and embodiment.

Chakra balancing, mudras, mantra, and music.

Spiritual ceremonies for releasing the old patterns to begin with a positive mindset.


Awakening with Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork

  • A new paradigm is being created where we have the tools for self-empowerment to enhance the shifts required in the body for healing
  • Learn how to access your higher abilities, your higher mind
  • Collective consciousness is evolving  tuning into higher awareness, through the supra-consciousness, through accessing the different levels of the subconscious and conscious mind beginning with the Ego self, which is the lower mind, held back by repetitive patterns
  • Access the ability to break down inner barriers that hold you back
  • Awaken your mind, body and soul!

Kundalini Mantras and Mudras

  • Incorporate healing mudras and mantras into your practice and learn how beneficial this practice can be to your whole being. The use of using a Mala will be taught

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Women's health
  • Teaching of the sensory system
  • Attain deeper and fuller knowledge of the entire system, its function, the negative and positive effects
  • The importance of the nervous system and how it influences the entire body
  • Learn to implement techniques for the circadian rhythm
  • Learn different poses for different parts of the body and how each pose effects the system
  • Mula Bandha locks
  • Trauma informed poses
  • Neuroscience for mindfulness meditation
  • Demonstration, assistance, observation and correction

Kriyas, Tantra, Shamanism, Restorative Asanas and Yoga Nidra

  • Kundalini movement and techniques,   form, alignment, modifications, groundwork to build on the structure to form a core foundation
  • Principles of Teaching, history, philosophy
  • Analysis of posture, injuries, pain, to apply safe asanas to your practice
  • Learning how to apply proper movement with breathing
  • Connection with the body and mind to deepen the experience
  • Exploring the subtle bodies -chakras and how to integrate into movement
  • Discovering Kundalini energy and Shakti and what this means
  • Attain relaxation through the various poses and techniques that will be taught
  • Sequencing step by step guidance for creating Kundalini, hatha, restorative, tantra, and nidra, shamanic classes
  • Cueing and teaching skills (demonstrations, classroom management, teaching multi-level classes, verbal assists)
  • Business of Yoga and Professional Development, ethics, resources, worksheets


  • Pranayama: in Sanskrit "Prana" means vital life force, "yama" means breath control, expansion. The conscious awareness of the breath. The elevation of Prana Shakti.
  • Benefits of breathing and how to breathe correctly
  • How to ignite your life force and how this influences your energetic body
  • Learn about the nadis, the ida and pingala energies, activation of the sushumna, and how this works with the nervous system
  • Pranayama Kriyas and mudras
  • Discover Tantra Breathwork

Subtle Energy

  • Explore how to ignite your energetic 10 bodies
  • Chakras and the etheric layers
  • Increase awareness and explore enlightenment through transcendental techniques
  • Symbolism, mandalas, yantras

Meditation and Sound

  • Learn Tantric and Kundalini methods of meditation, mantras, mudras and chanting
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Chanting, Nad Yoga
  • Using instruments and music

Esoteric Wisdom Teaching

  • The sutras, 8 limbs of yoga, the Doshas, the tattva, tantric, Buddhist, Egyptian, Tao, Vedic, philosophies
  • 10 Goddesses and Gods the influence on Yoga and Meditation
  • Deeper learning on discovering how to work with Myth, Mystical School teachings
  • Ayurveda and astrology
  • Learn how to help clients release unspoken memory embedded in the body and rewire their nervous system’s response to trauma
  • Methods to channel and invoke energy in productive ways
  • Yoga philosophy Yamas and Niyamas,  the Gunas, Vayus, the Koshas, Drishti
  • Earth/Seasonal and Cosmic Cycles, Moon Cycle for Women

    200 - 300 - 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

    Embody Divine Wellness School for Soul Development is a registered yoga school (RYS) with Canadian Yoga Alliance for  200 - 300 - 500 hours.

    And for Non-Contact hours of Continuing Education courses it is registered with Canadian Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance.

    We follow a high set of standards for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) programs. These standards ensure that each of the participants receive the highest degree of training.  Embody Divine Wellness honours the ancient mystical traditional teachings of yoga with a modern approach to today's living.

    Upon completion of 220 - 300 - 500 hour yoga teacher training, students will receive a  Certification affiliated with Canadian Yoga Alliance.

    For continuing education courses a certification affiliated with Canadian Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance. The certification is recognized internationally. 

    This Yoga Training is not certified nor affiliated with KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Institute.



Classes are held virtually via Zoom

Learn and Practice during live ONLINE classes.

What you will need: comfy clothes, floor space to do the class, a yoga mat or something equally as comfortable.

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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Classes

Embody Goddess Yoga Teacher Training

Women Re-Wilding, Reclaim your Intuitive Nature!

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Continuing Education Yoga Training Courses

ADD ON Courses to Your 200hrs designation and complete 300 - 500 hours Yoga Training


Embody Goddess Breathwork

Increase your Energetic Life Force through your breath and Goddesses

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Sacred Yoni Yoga Facilitator Training

Online Yoga training to facilitate and teach this practice 


Chakra Facilitator Training

Becoming a chakra facilitator can be added onto your current practice as a yoga practitioner or holistic practitioner.

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Yoga Nidra Facilitator Training

Online Yoga Nidra training to facilitate and teach this practice to your students or share with your clients


Online Spiritual and Mystical Training

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Mystical Embodied Goddess Facilitator

Embodiment for the awakened 

Knowledge is Empowering

More classes and online courses coming soon!

Etheric Crystal Practitioner

Reiki 2


Find out when new courses are about to launch

Courses, classes, ebooks and workshops!

 For certification or for self interest!

You choose, your choice.