Mystical Embodied Goddess Mystery School

Are you interested in developing your Psychic gifts?

Become a Mystical Embodied Goddess

Online training for individuals that are interested in the journey of the mystic!

Explore mystical realms and how to tune into higher frequencies to increase spiritual connection.


Receive a certification for completing in depth courses. You will know how to access your spiritual abilities and be able to integrate it to your existing holistic practice such as Reiki, other energy healing practices, yoga, etc.

My Mission is to help you ignite your divine potential!  I guide Women to find their inner intuitive gift that resides deep within. My method is through ebooks, coaching and online courses.

The journey is profound and develops your   spiritual journey, through awakening parts of yourself that have been held within. You will reclaim your clairvoyance.

I believe that we all have natural psychic gifts that need to be remembered through learning. This inner power that resides within us, is your foundation of wisdom and your true essence.

I will guide you through the initiative process by providing training,  guidance,  to establish a community of Sacred Sisterhood.

Awaken your inner potential, explore and attain your  Mystical Embodiment.

Be the light of transformation.

Courses are designed for energetic well-being and can be used in a variety of settings.

Inner Depth

Deepen your inner connection with crystals & Tibetan bowls.

Breathwork & Meditation
Chakra Flow

Breath awareness, meditation, and visualizations.

Mystical Teachings

Historical  mysticism, metaphors, esoteric, interpretations.

Holistic Energy Healing

Ignite your Celestial Helpers.


We are entering a new paradigm with a shift towards new realizations, focusing on attaining your True Nature, your soul connection. Within you, you have the inner tool to access your Divine connection through learning powerful tools that can enable this attainment to empower your soul development!

Become a Mystical Embodied Goddess by increasing your Intuitive Abilities, for connection with Higher Spiritual Realms.

Energy Forces have existed for centuries!

Spiritual helpers have been amongst us since the beginning of time, sculptures, figurines all surround us in ancient paintings that are located in museums, churches, Egyptian temples, dating back thousands of years.

Are you interested in connecting with your Divine Goddess energies?

Learn how to increase your energetic vibe, delve into forming a deeper connection with your beautiful energetic force.  Why live a life that limits your abilities.

Well there’s more to what meets the eye and it’s time to connect with spirit, your Essence your Soul, your Higher Self, and perhaps you are an Earth Angel!

Break Free, Your Higher Self Is Calling!

Mystical Embodied Mystery School offers energy healing through different modalities. Learning how to attain connection with your Higher Self, through mystical and esoteric techniques that will be taught to connect with Spirit and Spiritual forces.

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