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Embark on a transformative odyssey under Elizabeth's expert guidance, where a deep sense of well-being, inner peace, and alignment await you like never before

Explore the ancient mysteries of the Divine Feminine, propelling your journey towards profound self-awareness and growth. Engage in an enriching tapestry of practices including Self Love Embodiment, Kundalini Yoga, Reiki Healing, Angel Lightwork, Tarot Card Reading, Quantum Nutritional Healing, Tantric Coaching, Hypnosis, and Past Lives Regression Sessions, each designed to unveil your true essence and unleash your fullest potential.

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Discover a pathway to holistic balance and deep personal transformation by embracing the transformative practices of Energy Healing and Tantra Coaching

Whether you're fascinated by Tantra's insights into intimacy, eager to awaken your kundalini energy, or intrigued by hypnosis and past life regression, my services encompass a rich tapestry of modalities, including Shamanic Reiki and flower essences. Through embodiment coaching, ignite the flame of self-awareness within, paving the way for a life infused with boundless happiness and growth.

Online Yoga Sessions & Programs in Milton, Ontario

Tap into your inherent potency through my online sessions, where we'll venture into the depths of your being within a caring and balanced atmosphere. Together, we'll traverse this path, blending Somatic awareness with Tantric and Kundalini meditative practices to awaken your vibrant Shakti energy. Every session is meticulously tailored to cultivate enlightenment, joy, and inner harmony. Immerse yourself in a journey of profound change as my tantric sessions guide you towards unlocking your sexual energetic body, reshaping your mindset, and rekindling your soulful connection.


Tantra yoga classes
Breathwork workshops
Yin yoga sessions
Women's empowerment retreats
Stress management techniques
Hypnosis for self-improvement
Past life regression therapy
Reiki master healing sessions
Holistic nutrition counseling
Kundalini yoga workshops
Awakening the goddess within workshops
Healing ancestral wounds seminars
Shamanic energy healing
Sound healing ceremonies
Spiritual coaching sessions
Chakra balancing techniques
Partner yoga classes
Tantric breathwork practices
Women's inner healing workshops
Self-confidence building exercises
Coping strategies for stress relief
Sacred sexuality workshops
Inner peace meditation sessions
Somatic movement techniques
Gratitude meditation sessions
Higher self connection practices
Intuitive energy healing sessions
Psychic tarot card readings
Private yoga sessions for personalized guidance
Mindful eating practices
Trauma-informed yoga classes
Womb wisdom exploration
Restorative yoga sessions for relaxation
Pranayama breathing techniques
Spiritual guidance and mentorship programs
Yoga therapy sessions for holistic healing
Rose lineage healing practices
Self-esteem building workshops
Prenatal and postnatal yoga classes
Kundalini awakening practices
Lunar cycle rituals
Elemental breathing exercises
Eco-spiritual practices
Magic and manifestation workshops
Sound healing for sleep improvement
Anxiety management techniques
Resting nervous system practices
Liberation and moksha practices

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