The Business of Angelic Sessions

Who will benefit from Angel healing?

This form of energy healing helps us dive deeper into the celestial dance of self-care. Bringing a higher frequency of love and cosmic wisdom, this healing intertwines the mystical energy of the angels with the essence of self-love.

Working with the Angelic realm works on all planes of the body for well-being and inner tranquility. This modality benefits you to get the most of working with this energy. Practice each week at least once – three times a week on yourself, schedule a specific day and time each week so it becomes a habit.

I find that when I have a specific time, in the morning and evening I connect with my spiritual helpers, to get me ready to cope with the day and in the evening it settles my body and mind with a higher frequency of love to soothe me and create a peaceful state of mind from the hectic day.

Trust how you feel, and also start practicing with others

Taking on this responsibility as an Angel lightworker can at times be overwhelming, because the Universe will send you people who might trigger you and this can be opportunities to learn from. Many times these triggers are alerting you of your own traits that no longer serve you, changes that need to be made and to learn how to shift.

Many times the dynamic in your relationships with family, friends and lovers might change. Energy attracts like, for instance if you are in the mystical field, then you will attract like minded individuals. If you are negative and struggling with yourself you will draw in people that are alike. It is important to do more light work to clear lower densities from your body and your own energy field to shift and increase your vibrational frequency.

People that do not match your frequency will naturally just not be drawn to you anymore or may experience difficulty understanding you. AS they drift away you might experience a moment of loneliness as you continue to discover your own path. It is important to join groups with similar interests as yours to discover new friendships.

Energy healing helps clear stagnant aspects of ourselves to help open you to drawing in people that are on the same path as yours.

Remember that many times our families may not understand our new found knowledge, baby steps, little by little introduce your new ideas if they are open to listening if not, then it’s ok. Some people may never be open to this type of information and you do not need to push this on anyone, only those who are open to receiving. If it makes you happy and Angel Lightwork resonates with you, that is ok. This world is changing everyday and many people are looking for different holistic alternatives.

Energy healing can also be done with meditation, prayer whatever feels grounding to you.

Angelic Lightwork can be used during Reiki sessions, and other energy healing modalities.

Angelic Lightwork works on the body, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Your life will also change and shift because your old destructive patterns begin to dissolve. You are a channel of the Divine this is an orchestrated process of energy healing.

Your ego must not interfere with this process you are channeling universal energies. Do not get stuck in what you are doing, this is a service to uplift humanity. The ego can think that you are the best and better than others, this is not true, the universe tests you and will remind you that your ego is disoriented.

Angelic session:

Angelic energy sessions are a form of energy healing. AS with Reiki it helps with releasing stress, integrating the chakras, aligning the auric field, to feel uplifted, decrease restlessness, tiredness, worries. This can be advertised on your website.

You are not advertising that you are diagnosing and treating clients for any medical symptom such as IBS, Cancer, anxiety, depression, these are not resolved without necessary medical procedures.

These sessions are energy healing, meaning we are working with the subtle body which assists the other planes or layers of the body. It is important that you are not saying that you are healing physical symptoms, it is forbidden to advertise or use these words and terms due to medical regulations and can cause legal lawsuits.

It is important to recommend clients to a

Medical Doctor when necessary.

We are physical beings as much as we are energy beings.

Never advise a client to stop their medication that they have been prescribed.

We are not playing the role of a counsellor, nor a doctor.

Business Ethics:

The code of ethical conduct is important, because there are expectations placed on the practitioner to follow guidelines in the holistic healthy industry.

Demonstrate commitment to provide the highest quality service to those who seek professional service.

Provide clients with information that includes training qualifications, certification, scope of practice, payment structure, benefits, limitations and expectations of both the practitioner and client.

Serve the best interests of the client at all times, by continuing with professional development courses to improve your skills and to be up to date with professional standards.

The primary obligation is always to the client, to practice with the best intention for your clients benefit, comfort, and welfare.

Provide services within the scope and the limits of your training. I will not apply techniques for which I have no adequate training. I shall acknowledge the limitations of my skills when necessary, and refer clients to the appropriate medical professionals.

DO NOT diagnose, prescribe, treat or provide service which requires a license to practice unless specifically licensed to do so.

Maintain client confidentiality and not divulge to anyone the findings I acquire during the consultation, or in the course of professional recommendations without my clients consent except when required by law.

Respect the rights of other healthcare professionals and will cooperate with all health care professionals in a friendly and professional manner.

Practice honest advertising and promote service ethically and the skills for which I have received adequate training.

Conduct myself in a professional and ethical manner in relation to my clients, as to comply with the highest standards of moral behaviour. 

Maintain confidential records of each client. 

Maintain the premises in a hygienic condition and ensure that my premises offer my clients sufficient privacy. 

Dress in a professional manner with suitable proper attire. 

It is important to have Business Insurance for liabilities when practicing for unforeseen events/or claims. Most businesses will require insurance coverage. 

Some suggestions for coverage: public liability, professional indemnity, product liability, libel and slander, work online or anywhere in the world, rental room. 

Register yourself as self-employed for tax purposes. Business bank accounts are not required, a personal account is sufficient. Please inquire with your bank.

It is important to set boundaries with your professional relationship with your client.

Many times clients may become friends, it is important to decide on that client/friendship relationship.

Many times clients can become very comfortable with you and call in the middle of the night.

It is suggested to have two separate phone lines, one for your business and one for personal reasons. Your clients can call your business number and leave a message.

These are important boundaries that must be set between your client and your professional business.

Remember to switch your phone off during the session  and during the night to not be disturbed.


There are many opportunities out there for starting your own business in a clinic, and in your own home. To advertise it is best to have your own website. There are many website builders such as WIX that are affordable providers.

Instagram, Facebook and Google are the largest marketing tools.

Other websites for a fee can promote your business.

Holistic, spiritual shops are great locations for dropping off your business cards.

Attending spiritual fairs and setting up a booth is a great way to promote yourself to make new clients. You require booking your space with a fee and they usually provide you with a table and chairs. Make your set up look inviting with your information, a cloth for the table, crystals, table ornaments, print out leaflets about what you are offering.

If you are working at a clinic, these locations can at times assist with marketing your services for you, they enable you to rent a room for an hourly basis or sometimes  committing to regular days and time slots.

Before you start promoting yourself make sure to have done enough case studies on your friends, family and volunteers to fully understand your practice.

A session can range from 60 – 80 dollars when first starting.

If you have your services listed online pay pal is a good provider for payments, clients also pay at the location.


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