Identifying Energy Leaks

Identifying Energy Leaks: Work with your Aura

Aura Awareness

The aura is the field of energy flowing around our body, extending roughly about 16 inches in all directions: above the head, in front of you, behind you and beneath your feet.

This auric field has several energetic layers, composed of “subtle bodies”

The Physcial Auric Body

The Etheric Layer

The Astral Layer

The Mental Layer

The Spiritual Layer

The Divine Body

Each level represents a different frequency of consciousness becoming more refined as we reach the Spiritual level. The Auric field is a colourful protective force, shaped like an egg

Colours of the Auric Field

Colours vary, there can be a light shade of blue, translucent shades along the physical layer, yellow tones, reddish, the colours of the rainbow and the colours vary each day depending on your state of being. The colours are not the same since we have different circumstances, reactions, & events happening each day. But it can be consistent without breaks if we remain as peaceful as possible by coping with our stresses, traumas and anxiousness that overtakes our entire body including the auric field. The happier you feel the more the aura expands and radiates.

Layers of the Auric Field: (Colours vary

Just like the body needs to be taken care of, so does the auric field. Stagnant energy can accumulate in the field preventing us from functioning efficiently each day.

When stress overburdens the body, the auric field depletes, feeling run down, being exposed to others negativity. These low dense energies can form as attachments, grey colored, dark cloud like formations.

Feeling exhaustion, brain fog, irritability, sick, muscle aches, intoxication can all be symptoms and signals that the auric field needs clearing and the body needs cleansing.

The Physical Body: Is the dense layer of our constitution, matter. Primal extinct of pleasure, survival, health, & safety. Physical sensations.

The Etheric Auric Body: Is the energetic field that is closest to engaging with the physical body and environment. Implementing a positive outlook and self love.

The Emotional Astral body: Is the constant emotions and thoughts that we play out each day. Linear, logical & rational understanding. Need clarity to be able to function from our intuitive mind.

The Mental Body:  Relates to higher awareness. Giving, receiving and establishing loving, respectful & trustful relationships, with loved ones, family, colleagues & friends.

The Casual Body:  Aligning with our true essence, the divine spark within us to be able to speak and follow our personal truth.

The Spiritual Body: Spiritual bliss to finding Love with the Divine Source, connection with our spirit and unconditional love.

The Divine Body:  When we understand the greater truth with Divine Source, and the Universal Cosmic flow. Acceptance of duality, life that is being manifested, we are the creators of our own play. Harmony, serenity, love & bliss.

Living with a positive attitude:

If we are optimistic, and full of gratitude, the aura emerges as transparent and light, the energy flows freely. If a person is sad, full of fear, or sick the aura might be seen as grey, and misty, the energy is sluggishly flowing or stuck. Anger and resentment may be bright flashes of red colours that are scattered. If a person is deeply depressed or nervous the aura may appear as a darker black or opaque colour not flowing much at all, becoming stagnant.

The aura is in a constant change due to the fluctuation of emotions, negative thinking causes the auric field to become dense.

Negative self talk, criticism, regrets, should, patterns, habits, are thought forms, that affect the astral level, lowering the vibration of the energies of the auric field.

All the different layers of the auric field are affected psychologically, for instance healthy edges of the aura should be lucid if a person is overly emotional or sensitive to outer circumstances they may have a parted aura and even with holes, or gaps, this can be seen from people that were abused during childhood.

An abused woman may have a wide open aura that is leaking energy, an abused man may have rigid edges.

As a society we have not been taught to how to handle the aura field with care just as the physical body is taken care of. Starting at a young age to build a healthy sense of self we must also teach that taking care of the aura is like a protective shield that must shine for us to move gracefully through life and have this security from childhood onto adulthood. The aura is an important grounding mechanism for our soul, body and mind to function effectively

A Healthy Aura:

The aura is like a protective armour that provides us with a shielding effect to have negative influences bounce off of our field. When the aura and the body are exposed to unstable relationships, emotional instability, stress, anxiety, our energy field feels drained and tired.

When the aura is experiencing tears, this indicates intense emotional turmoil and conflict within us. It is very important to mention that drugs and addictions affects the aura as well. Holes in the auric field disrupts our energetic flow making us more vulnerable to unwanted energies from the lower astral planes that cause weakness in our field and body.

Broken Edges and Layers of the Auric Field when not flowing: look at PDF

Different Colours of theAuric Field: PDF

Our thoughts, reactions, feelings constantly influence how the aura reflects its colours. The aura resonates in different colours, vibration, textures, and movement.

One day it can be bright yellow, or dull depending on how we are feeling. To have a healthy aura it is important to understand how to work with it and understand the fluctuation. Learning to sense your aura can be mastered for psychological and spiritual well-being. Animals and plants also have an auric field that can be read and worked with

Our thoughts, reactions, feelings, responses can strike a persons auric field like a dagger. Envision a dark cloud forming or a bright sun shining over you, this is what is being sent out to you and others through your choice of words and how we behave each day.

Understanding attitudes and how they are formed depends on our perspective, our character, event or issue, conveyed in words, thoughts, that reflects how one feels. Values, morals, beliefs also play a role in how we act, express ourselves, our actions and choices.

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