Embody Goddess Breathwork

Embody Divine Goddess Breathing

Embody your Temple Initiation:



Delve into your Divine Feminine Nature

Ignite your Shakti Power

Breathwork with the Mother Goddess

Awaken your Womb during your Descension

Begin Your Sacred Journey!

Embodied Breathwork Facilitation is a deep, initiation into a transformative process that is sacred, it requires devotion and motivation to immerse yourself into this journey.

This is a method that can be practiced every day when it is understood how to awaken the Goddess Archetypal energies that exist within us all. It is about learning how to activate, recognize, awaken this inner power waiting to be remembered. Beginning the journey of self-exploration, empowering through the expression of the Divine Goddess. With techniques that will awaken her brilliance and your magnificence.

Exploration of your inner terrain, unlocking your inner wisdom waiting to be reclaimed. This is a journey that will unfold with time while you meet your inner layers and old patterns that can hold us back. When recognized you will learn how to unwrap the creativity that lives within, through nurturance unraveling each layer. The goal is to ignite an integration through insight, to awaken your inner beauty.

This sacred work is embraced with trust, honor, and respect to hold a space that is safe for your exploration.

You will also learn, Tantric Breathing, Womb Breathing, Goddess Initiation, Sacred Mantras, Kundalini Shakti Activation.

Breathwork is like alchemy it is a process, a change that requires patience, alchemy works gradually, merging shadow aspects, archetypes and ultimately creating unity and wholeness.

Your Higher Self is Your Essence, Waiting for Your Integration!

Goddess Archetypes work gracefully, and at times can create discomfort. The Goddess only desires to uplift, to increase curiosity to ultimately embrace your potential. This sacred unfoldment is about entering your Inner Temple and discovering parts of yourself that have been hidden and are gratefully waiting to be rediscovered and reclaimed. Your Divine Essence that awaits you, Your Higher Self.

You hold the key within, you have the power to unlock your buried treasure!

Are you Ready to Reclaim your Sovereignty?

Relearn how to Embody your Higher Self?

Reawaken your creative, and intuitive abilities?

Increase your wellness and create Inner Peace?

Reconnect with your chakras?

Ignite your sacred heart and learn to live from this space? Align with your passionate self?

Reinvigorate your soul, your Celestial Connection?

Rebirth Sacred Union, sensuality, innocence, pleasure?

Are you ready to live with creative potential by following your Dharma?

Sparkle Within!

Learn the Tools to Empower YOU!

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