Are you an Earth Angel

It is time to spread your wings and unlock your Brilliance!

Do you work helping and supporting others and love what you are doing? You are here to serve humanity!

Are you:

an energy healer to assist souls in the awakening process a doctor, nurse, health care worker

a singer, dancer a teacher

a mother

volunteer helping those in need

a social worker, psychologist, a police officer and more…

Any sort of job where you are assisting and encouraging others is an indication that you know how to share love and abundance. Do you know how to give and receive?

Do you feel that you don’t fit in?

Do you feel that life has more to offer? Do you connect with Angels?

Do you want to find out more, and learn how to invoke higher celestial helpers?

Are you having a Spiritual Awakening?

Are you fascinated with reading mystical books? Do you love astrology and all the unknown?

Fascinated by ancient traditions? Does magic intrigue you?


Is something holding you back? You don’t know how to access your Intuitive Nature?

It’s time to Unlock your Inner Brilliance, and Begin your journey, ignite your Energetic Body the adventure of higher realms and learning how to tap into your Higher Essence, your Angelic Self. We are all searching and questioning life. Is there more?

It is our Inner terrain that we seek, the exploration of our inner depth, the labyrinth of our soul. I delved deep into the dark night of my soul and released the etheric parts of myself that I could no longer hold within.

With endurance and longing to find my spiritual truth I continued. A spiritual journey can lead to many shifts.

These shifts are transformative and can teach us that we are all awakening to pieces of our selves, our truth, with different experiences, and yet full of similarities.

There is a calling a yearning for this truth that we all have fallen so far back from knowing. Slowly it is unveiling, being revealed, because we are asking and searching for more.

We are no longer stagnant to our magnificence, our Brilliance.

Our purpose is Divinely Unique to each one of us. The many stages of transformational changes that I experienced during my Spiritual Awakening was difficult at times yet also exhilarating. The fruitful wisdom of ancient times, and the holistic teachings that I have learned made it easier for me to evolve at my own pace.

I embraced the Divine understanding, the connection of the Goddess Mother, she who embraces us all. There is no other deeper connection than our Divine Essence the Source of Life.

The journey of the Divine Feminine and Angelic connections has profound revelations and deep powerful ecstatic moments of illuminations.  I began to learn how to tap into the vast universal knowledge, the cosmic energy system, that I embodied into my own self-healing.

Through this self-exploration my life began to shift, my perceptions of life changed and new magical realms opened up for me. Kundalini experiences awakened me to higher ecstatic intensities, enlightening my thirst for knowing, questioning, searching and curiosity. All leading me to my higher Divine source, my Angelic Self.

As my journey continued to unfold I was led to the understanding of how to work with Tantra Goddesses, Angels, which intensified my Tantric Union with the Divine Masculine, my body lit up with bliss surging within me.

The Divine Feminine magnetic energy and the electrical manifestation of the Masculine Divine energy is a delicate yet empowering manifestation of our true potential that lives within us all. These fierce energies penetrate into our core essence, breaking away barriers that hold us back.

I am here to help guide you throughout your journey, as you explore your energetic body, the adventure of higher realms and perspectives of how to tap into your Higher Angelic Self.

I will guide you through this Divine process, a connection with your Celestial guides. Most importantly your inner Guidance.

The method I use is invigorating, due to the emotional crisis that we are living in this world, we need new forms of expression, new ways of connecting with our Higher Angelic Essence, our Higher Self, Higher Knowledge, that is buried deep within. We need to create an inner sense of freedom that is liberating and calming. I transmit Angelic key codes to unlock your gateways that are stagnant, this will connect you to the Divine. Learning how to work with your divinity will transform your patterns that hold you back from manifesting your aspirations.

Are you here to anchor the timeline of love and peace?

Humanity is heading towards the Golden Aquarius age, of spiritual higher awareness. Earth Angels ae evolved spiritual beings, some come from the 7th and 9th dimensional angelic realms incarnated into physical forms. Angels have to lower their frequency to live on this 3D Earth plane.

Earth Angels according to their soul contracts know deep within when they will awaken to this truth or start to question their life purpose. This can happen through tragic events in their life, life lessons, a divorce, or events. Those who are here on a spiritual mission still hold onto their Higher Angelic connection. WE all originate from the same Divine Source, but we are living different paths and paradigms that shape our characteristics, missions, experiences and personalities. The origin of these souls is from dimensions beyond Earth, many times have had many past lives experiencing spiritual realities of love, and magic. Everyone on Earth may be spiritual beings but Earth Angels are highly evolved souls, they vibrate at a higher energy frequency and have a mission on Earth as lightworkers.

What responsibilities come with being an Earth Angel?

It is an important role that must be taken with honour and sacredness. It doesn’t mean you are perfect and you are not a saint. Earth Angels also make mistakes and have challenges to overcome and many times feel heavily disconnected from society.

Your soul is called to assist humanity with spreading love, kindness, compassion, sharing knowledge, to make a change on Earth by bringing in Higher Spiritual awareness into physical reality.

You offer solutions and counselling to others.

You are a support person in the lives of everyone you know.

You love helping people that are in need.

Your focus is to help others that sometimes you neglect yourself.

You are not held back from expressing your truth when you know someone needs reassurance or guidance.

You are uplifting and inspire others to be their best.

You are artistic, love writing, music, expression, creating, healing.

You are not as focused on linear responsibilities, time or boundaries.

Earth Angels may be diagnosed with cognitive disorders due to their lack of interest in school and this material world.

You reach out to those who are suffering.

You interact with people who have a victim mentality because you feel you can fix them.

You don’t like anger you feel disappointed with yourself when there is a conflict your energetic body cannot tolerate this sort of experience.

You try to avoid confrontations, and you worry when you think your family members don’t get along.

You feel at times that you are bothering others so you apologize.

when you can’t sense that those around you are happy, this brings your energetic life force down.

Your alternatives in group settings is usually bright, intelligent and unique solution.

You avoid competition in your personal and work life, you believe in fairness.

You may feel alienated from others. Many times you recall being teased as a child or having different interests and behaviour.

You feel that you cannot relate to other family members, and friends because they do not understand your perspectives, so you can become emotionally distant.

You have a dysfunctional family and you are always trying to fix the dynamic and understand it, you seek counselling for support.

People you don’t know very well can express their life story to you.

Many may think you have a young, outgoing personality. You have a strong sense of purpose, even though you may be struggling to manifest this in life or you continue working on it , deep within you know you need to study to learn how heal, teach and help others.

When you have had too much you know how to distance yourself and set boundaries or at times you do not follow through with boundaries.

Many times you have trouble grounding yourself, you may be denying your true calling and this may cause trouble with your legs and feet.

You do not judge, you are brave to help all in need. You are sensitive to city settings and the reality of our modern life.

Connecting with your higher angelic self, channels your higher knowledge, to depend on your inner guidance, your inner gift, your Inner brilliance!

What do I mean by this?

I believe that Spiritual helpers are here to guide us, they are our stepping stones, to help us understand our greater potential that we all have within us. Hidden deep inside you can retrieve Ancient Knowledge that is waiting for you, unlocking the channels to your Higher Divine Self. For many years we have been taught to rely on outer fulfillments, if we stop relying on others power, we can access Higher Source directly through our Higher Angelic self.

Once you gain clarity on how to access this fountain of truth, life begins to unfold in a divine manner. Our higher brilliance is a part of who we are, so it will reveal itself, our highest source is the purest form that is reliable and connects with divine intelligence, you have the capacity to tap in directly to the universal consciousness through your own capabilities, calling in guidance is a tool for accessing your Higher Self.

Asking for assistance from your spiritual guides is the first step, they are here to assist us, but you have to remember they are here to assist you with accessing your own potential, your own brilliance, your own intuitive abilities, with time, this is the goal. To access your own potential.

You can depend on this source because it is connected to the highest intelligence, truth, the information you receive is quick direct and accurate, the clearer your connection the faster you can connect to this source of knowledge.

Relying on your own ability to connect is the highest power that you can attain. But yes of course for it to be the complete truth you must learn how to rely on your inner GPS, you must learn to become a clear channel for your higher awareness, how to perceive it and trust it.

Our mind is full of constant thoughts every day so yes, it can be difficult to trust our little voice or our intuition because clutter in our mind gets in the way.

Meditation, and breathing create more clarity and focus to

access this connection and awaken your intuitive abilities.

Your angelic self connects you to source so you can manifest your life’s desires faster and recognize what is harmful and get rid of the constant doubts.

Your higher awareness comes from your energetic being that is your own unique blueprint, each person has their own hologram. Understanding how to work with this energetic vibrational frequency connects you with other Angelic sources.

Different spiritual sources are part of our spiritual process on Earth and part of our Universal Consciousness. For instance Goddesses, they are spiritual fragments that existed many years ago, a myth or as a reality that continues to exist as a blueprint fragmented into our existence coexisting in our etheric realm, not in the material form but in our etheric reality. IN Buddhist traditions Goddess energy is known to have a higher frequency than Angels and have been called upon for centuries to assist the individual.

We can tap into their wisdom and they are here to provide us with tools to access our higher power within by giving us knowledge to help unlock our hidden treasure that hides within us all. They are here to teach us our spiritual gift.

When we have attained a higher level of understanding then we can perceive universal knowledge that is being granted to us.

Spiritual guidance is here to assist us, to guide us towards our Inner Enlightenment.

When you clear the pathway to your higher knowledge the descension and ascension is ignited, the process of cutting through stagnant energies that have lived withheld inside you for years, will start to be slayed away, unveiled through each step you take. Karma releases.

The process of attaining your true essence will unravel. Practicing each day for up to 20 minutes will magnify your connection with spiritual helpers.


When we begin to slay, unblock and unveil our inner wisdom, we begin to realize the hologram that we live in. It is the performance we are here to manifest through each chapter, that we choose to live. The stage of actors is the place where we begin our performance, when we begin to create our life. Each person has a different role to perform in this theatrical play of life.

Through each chapter that we manifest, life unfolds accordingly. If your scene is to be unhappy then this is what you are narrating into your life. This is the image you are giving to the world. The people in your life, the other characters in your life are also playing a part, they have different characteristics, personalities and roles that they have chosen to recite into their life.

Many characters follow along, and are always rehearsing their next part or performance, their next story line, in each chapter. We all choose the roles we manifest whether it be the martyr, the victim, the loner, the unsatisfied person, the successful person or happiness and it continues.

Even in the role of love we are desperately seeking to find our other half, with our career we are trying to attain the best job, make more money, have an expensive house, luxurious vehicles, always claiming to attain more, more, more.

We are trying to survive and in each chapter, our stories, become like fairy tales the situations are different, difficult, and multiplying.

We get caught up in illusions, that turn into delusional fantasies, we strive for OUTER satisfaction and outer fulfillment, or someone to hand us our script to tell us what to say, what to do, what to think, who to love for fulfillment we are looking for successful business people, politicians, religious figures as role models and to save us. Even the twin flame is our saviour.

All of a sudden the delusion of this fantasy, that we are struggling to live, unveils, and we see what reality truly is.

The act comes to an end. At times dreams are shattered.

Have we been taught that we are in control of our own story?

We are all spiritual teachers to each other, we are here to assist each other, through our own divinity of specialties that we are playing on this large stage of life, to free ourselves from the roles we’ve chosen to enslave ourselves to, everyday. It’s time to wake up and realize that you are in control of your own life’s story. You can create you own chapters. You are in control of your scene, you script, it’s your play, you are the main character, you are the creator. You, can take action NOW!

This is your creation, you have just forgotten at a very young age because we were told that our imagination isn’t real. You’ve been conditioned by others. You can change your life, and create your own life story, and choose how it will unfold. You are the Queen or King in your story you can transform, awaken, rediscover, create your strength, happiness, success, love and learn how to battle challenges.

Ultimately, we need to survive together but with our own sovereignty to make decisions, and to be able to decipher what is right or wrong, and how to choose happiness.

We live in a society where we do not know how to attain this and it needs to be felt, and perceived so it can be authentic.

In our reality, some try to cope with life through escapism, addictions, spiritual bypass. We live in a society where we are controlled by superficial attitudes, materialism, we are over performing, over consuming and burnt out trying to constantly achieve more. Yes, because we need to make an income to survive. The stress on our society is killing us. We need to transform through awareness.

We need to connect to our true power, and that includes our connection to Mother Nature as well, we need the connection with our bodies and our minds. To be able to overcome our misconceptions, beliefs, and our inner struggles.

A sense of peace will create a ripple effect onto others when we can self care for ourselves then we can teach others. Self empowerment, to be able to withstand our defeats, to be able to pursue a life that is attainable within reason. We need to stop playing the victim roles and become the Queen and King of our fate, reclaiming our inner potential and compassion that is yearning to ignite within. When you claim yourself, the channels open to your Angelic Self.

You are a Spiritual being, from the Divine Universal Source, you are having a physical experience. We have forgotten who we are and this is the reason why we live disconnected from this physical realm, unhappy and endlessly searching for answers and more. It is possible to attain a sense of peace with change.

Ask yourself, do we need to live in a world that is consumed by materialistic values? And how can we change this? What truly is important in life? Through meditation, breathing and connection with your Higher Self, you can find the answers that you need to answer your questions.

Do you want to be more reliable with your decisions, your state of energy, mental wellness, have more freedom, feel less stress, have more accuracy with clear answers?

Well you can without interference by learning how to connect with your higher knowledge.

When you begin to open up to your spiritual gifts, your spiritual journey will slowly unfold. Many tools will begin to open within you.  The spirit helpers help with guidance and assist with embodying your inner power. Angels, Faeries, animal guides are there to assist you on how to connect and they are so much fun to work with.

You can even tap into beautiful Goddess energy as well, so there is an abundance of helpers willing to assist you on your awakening. Once you know how to tap into this knowledge you will be able to tap into the higher fountain of information that can be accessed by everyone.

Discerning truth from deception comes with practice, the more you trust your own ability the more grounded you will become with your being. And once this happens you will have an ability to channel your higher self with more ease. To be able to access more clarity comes with practice and determination.

When you begin to manifest your abilities you begin to connect with life a lot easier, and access peace within yourself.

Now this could take weeks, months or years it all depends where you are at and what exactly you are willing to accomplish. We can all tap into the highway system of the collective consciousness, the universal flow. The mind, body and soul must be in sync for there to be wholeness and for the entire system including your chakras to function effectively.

Now what better source than you!! Once you have tapped into your source don’t worry you can still talk to angels and other guides, the importance is you will already know how to connect with your Higher Self and distinguish the difference between your internal guidance and outer guidance.

Ever wonder why most people are unhappy? Is it because they feel disconnected and don’t understand from what? Unhappiness and unfulfillment can be due to being disconnected from Higher Source and misunderstanding the soul.

Ascension or the Spiritual Journey, can be a bumpy ride, some people think that it’s always blissful and life is perfect, and there is love and light all the time. Remember that life on Earth is not linear, polarities play a major role in our life’s destiny and circumstances. Learning to move through challenges, to thrive with the right methods and tools can lead us to achieve neutrality. Attaining a peaceful mind and bliss create a higher frequency, giving us the opportunity to make changes for the betterment of this world. If you want to contribute to change then it’s time to be the catalyst and start creating a new way of living.

Spiritual Awakening

The connection with your Angelic Spirit Essence, is tapping in directly to higher consciousness, higher awareness through your natural abilities, information that is quick, direct, accurate, the clearer your connection the faster you can channel this source of knowledge. Increasing your intuitive nature begins first of all with learning how to ground with Mother Nature.

Walk each day in nature and discover how to connect. Re- discover her Divine qualities, Earth gives us nurturance for our body, our breath and mental well-being.

Spiritual insight, attained through your breath, the fragrance in the air, exploring the animals in nature, the colors, consciously observing what surrounds you.

Awakening is to evolve at your own pace.

Keep an open mind, exploration can include calling in

an animal spirit when you are out for a walk in the forest or a field. This helps with shifting your perception of life, and opens new magical realms.

Bring enlightening experiences to you, quest for knowledge, curiosity, search for answers and be inquisitive, set out on an adventure to create wellness for yourself and to discover more about life.

Limitations that hinder your ability to connect:

If you are resisting polarity you are not in alignment.

Not stepping into your sacred space and power.

Not embodying your creative and energetic blueprint.

Not stepping outside of what we have been taught to believe.

Not eating energetic foods.

Not realizing that you are an Angelic Template.

That you have the potential to connect with Higher Source.

Denying that you are Divine.

It’s time to Connect with your Higher Guidance

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