Reiki Level One

2. Becoming a Reiki Practitioner

There are three levels that are taught in Traditional Usui Reiki, and each level has an initiation and its own transmission to empower the student to receive the Energetic Life Force from the Reiki Master, that is being channeled from the Infinite Universal Energy Source. Once you receive a transmission you will be able to …

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5. The Benefits of Reiki

What is Reiki? Wisdom is truth (Hawayo Takata) Science and Art (Hawayo Takata) “I believe there exists One Supreme Being – the Absolute Infinite – a Dynamic Force that governs the world and universe. It is an unseen spiritual power that vibrates and all other powers fade into insignificance beside it. So, therefore it is …

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4. The Influence of Reiki

The strength of Reiki is based on the quality of the activations and teaching of the Master to student. It doesn’t have much strength on the lineage anymore due to the expansive growth in practitioners offering Reiki. Reiki ignites a transformative journey for the practitioner, the curiosity for personal development. Reiki is a sacred modality …

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13. Understanding The Aura

The Electromagnetic Field / The Aura You Are An Energy Being It is important to realize that you are an energy being, and you are channeling Universal and Earth energies through you. Receiving a transmission, changes your vibrational level by increasing it. It creates an awareness of how to relate to others and to become …

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12. Reiki Ethics

Ethical Considerations Many people that come for a Reiki session are vulnerable, emotionally, or physically it is very important that their trust isn’t violated. For Level 1 practitioners you must only provide sessions for family and friends, in Level 2 and onward you can begin to facilitate clients. All information must be kept confidential. The …

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11. Reiki Hand Positions

The Hand Positions During The Reiki Session Most hand positions can be placed on the body and held for 3 to 5 minutes before moving to the next. Sometimes your intuition may direct you to place your hands on a certain area for more work or release. The client is always fully clothed. When working …

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10. Meditation Technique

Breath Meditation Before Your Session Meditate and breathe before you begin your session. This will allow your body and mind to relax and connect with your Higher Self. This technique will open you to effectively channeling Energy into your body and into your sacred space. Begin by observing your thoughts and let them drift away …

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7. Understanding The Chakra System

Chakras is Sanskrit mean wheels, portals The chakra system is the linking system between the aura and the physical body. The chakras are cone-shaped that supply and circulate energy throughout the body. They are located along the center of the body, aligned along the spinal column radiating through the front and the back and throughout …

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