Embody Goddess Breathwork


Welcome! Welcome to the Embody Goddess Breathwork Course, I’m so happy you are here. Learn to Awaken Your Body Many live disconnected from their bodies and have no understanding of their body’s physiology, this weakens the person’s knowledge on how to work with the body’s innate intelligence and intuitive inner power.  Get Started Now! Become …

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2.3 The Journey Towards Self Love

The Journey Towards Self Love Let’s venture into understanding how love will help access your chakra potential that will help to actualize your hidden potential through exposing your hidden shadow that is buried deep within, the inner self. The journey is the fun part, so let’s be open to delving deep and understanding the subtle …

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2.2 The Ascension to Your Higher Self

The Awakening 101 The Ascension to Your Higher Self The Sacred Heart of Mother Gaia and Humanity is where Spirit resonates, attuning us to the collective consciousness, the Universal heartbeat, that radiates within us all, creating unity.  Spiritual Awakening  The world and humanity have been shifting in the last recent years, the frequencies are higher …

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2.1 The Descension

The Descension Into Your Shadow  Before we can ascend, we must understand what it means to descend. The Descension process is just as vital as the Ascension process to enlightenment. Many times, this is not emphasized enough, because most people try to spiritually bypass the full awakening process and wish to jump straight into the …

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1.4 The Sacred Chakras

The Sacred Chakras  The Path to Enlightenment  The Chakras Human Evolution This can be reflected in the seven states of consciousness, ancient scriptures from Egypt, China, and India have recorded history about yoga and the chakras that were used by Gurus, Sages, and Spiritual Teachers thousands of years ago. Many of these teachings are part …

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1.3 Embody Divine Goddess Breathing

Embody Divine Goddess Breathing Embody your Temple Initiation  Delve into your Divine Feminine Nature  Ignite your Shakti Power  Breathwork with the Mother Goddess  Awaken your Womb during your Descension  Begin Your Sacred Journey! Embodied Breathwork Facilitation is a deep, initiation into a transformative process that is sacred, it requires devotion and motivation to immerse yourself …

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1.2 Embody The Goddess Within

Embody the Goddess Within: Your Sovereign Self What Makes a Goddess? Goddess energy represents the divine feminine aspect of ourselves, the good parts, and the parts that at times we have difficulty acknowledging. Self-awareness and Personal growth.  When we step into our divine truth, our essence increases intuitively, and our sovereignty enlightens.  When you embrace …

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1.1 Learn To Visualize

Learn To Vizualize Visualizing is taking a moment to sit and meditate in a comfortable position to be able to connect with your mind and body. Visualizing may be easier for some and for others a little more difficult to be able to concentrate and focus.  This is ok, it takes time and patience to …

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