Embody Goddess Breathwork

7. Spiritual Curiosity

Spiritual Curiosity Delving deeper into transmutation, unraveling the layers that hold you back.

8. Awakening

Awakening A much brighter realm, seeing beyond the masks of illusion.

6. Expression For Creativity

Expression For Creativity Connection allows awareness, we will delve into exploring how to transmute inner blocks.

2.3 The Journey Towards Self Love

The Journey Towards Self Love Let’s venture into understanding how love will help access your chakra potential that will help to actualize your hidden potential through exposing your hidden shadow that is buried deep within, the inner self. The journey is the fun part, so let’s be open to delving deep and understanding the subtle …

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2.1 The Descension

The Descension Into Your Shadow  Before we can ascend, we must understand what it means to descend. The Descension process is just as vital as the Ascension process to enlightenment. Many times, this is not emphasized enough, because most people try to spiritually bypass the full awakening process and wish to jump straight into the …

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