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As we come out of the cold weather, and begin the new season of Spring. This is the cycle of new beginnings, new projects, to birth new ideas, and bring them to fruition. The warmth of the sun shines down, igniting energy to move forward.

New creation develops during the early months, the buds awaken into new growth, Nature begins to bloom, beautiful flowers, new life, a rebirth.

When we blossom a resilience resonates within the body, confidence. A strength to grasp for achieving new goals that were envisioned during the cold Winter months.

Now is the moment to release any stagnation that may have held you back for too long. Now is the moment to create the New You! Whether it be through a new outlook, food choices, starting a new workshop, new ideas, a hobby, a new job, project, yoga, being active. The transformation takes form now.

Awakening to the NEW YOU can happen in many ways. It is the process of Alchemy, when alchemy begins to transfigure, new forms take place as new ideas begin to bloom and flourish into your new way of thinking, confronting life, exploring new ventures, it is the reworking of metamorphosis.

Shamanic Tantra and Kundalini are all about breaking down those blocks that have held you imprisoned, your stagnation. The building blocks to get past the cobwebs that were built during the dark endless shifts of darkness.

Kundalini and Tantra techniques help release the energy that lives stuck in the body, or is not flowing freely. Applying the proper techniques builds on confidence, strength, vitality, peace, to surge and awaken your whole body!

This is what we all desire, an alert mind, stamina and to be able to function actively in life because if we do not have these tools we cannot move forward effectively.

If you are not a Yoga Person, there are other techniques, it doesn’t have to be YOGA. You can try meditation, breathing, being active in a sport that you enjoy. Painting, writing is awakening, it develops the brain muscles.

When you begin to understand what Shamanic Tantra and Kundalini actually mean, you begin to comprehend the benefits of merging with these teachings and techniques. It can happen spontaneously to many and for many it needs to be learned, it is not difficult.

It is all just about “tuning in”. How do you tune in? Just breathe! Yes that’s it! Simple as that! Breathe and you will manifest a better life!

Isn’t Tantra about sex? No Tantra is not just about sex! Tantra is more than that! Tantra developed over the many thousands of years of exploration and learning, it was practiced and discovered in the regions of Egypt, India, China, Indonesia, Tibet and many civilizations and different cultures that practiced empowerment exercises, it wasn’t just one secluded organization, or cult. Tantra was a mystical practice that transformed and shifted over the years by many that took the interest in understanding how to work with their inner energetic life force and with Spirit, the Cosmic force. Tantra has been cultivated by many esoteric sects, tantra schools, lineages, writers, researchers, different practitioners, Tao practitioners, Nobility, yogis, that practiced trying to understand how to work with their body, mind and spirit connection. Tantra was a devotion, through ritual, sacred teachings for reaching enlightenment.

Tantra was hidden from the public and these techniques were kept in secretive circles, for many it became forbidden, occult, mystical or the work of evil forces that could not be discussed openly. Many took the experience of sexual blissful pleasure to be considered dirty, and impure. Concepts that people truly did not fully comprehend nor grasp what was actually being discovered and developing.

Tantra is represented by the Divine Source, Goddesses and Gods, Yantras, and Mandalas, Mudras and Mantras. Tantra is about self realization, self exploration, sacredness for discovering deeper meaningful sexual union, and relationships.

In the 10th century, Tantra became more popular developing into an art of expression, movement and philosophy, through studying and focusing on the true meaning that enlivens our senses and the understanding of the body. Tantra was known for increasing longevity, sacred union and enlightenment. Tantric movements and meditation became a part of the teaching of yoga. For example, Hatha yoga incorporated some movements. Hatha, meaning, Ha= sun, tha=moon, yoga= comes from “yug”= union. Ultimately Hatha Yoga means “union of polarities”. Tantra means to “weave” to unite, expansion. Tantra is the ignition of the Kundalini life force through Shakti, the Divine Feminine Energy that meets with Shiva the Masculine Divine Energy, awaiting for Shakti. The attainment of Sacred Union. When it is understood the actual meaning of what is happening through these teachings, our body begins to transform through yoga, breath work and meditation. Invoking Tantra awakens Spiritual Maturity, when we grasp this realization, there is no judgemental criticism. There is more of a will to try to learn to be able to experience the fruitful teachings.

Our body is composed of energy, all parts of our body and the intellect must function together to create union. When there is this balance we can exist as a whole being.

Kundalini is also misrepresented and misunderstood by many. For generations yogis, or nobility were perhaps in a better place to be able to have the time and wisdom to delve into this art, to experience and realize the potential of igniting our internal life force within the body. Many people did not understand that inner power lies within each one of us, instead many practiced puritanical and orthodox ways of living, giving power to others, not learning what else was available, the mystical side of life, the luminosity that exists within us all.

Kundalini and Tantra are self empowerment tools that ignite your inner life force energy. And yes couples can experience this blissful experience during intimacy, sex. Sexual energies are part of our energetic life force that must also flow to be able to function. I suggest to first learn how to explore your own energetic life force, to develop energetic awareness first with oneself, before focusing on working with other peoples energies. We must build a solid grounding foundation first within ourselves, to build strength and confidence.

Kundalini and Tantra together establish a beautiful flow within you , that maximizes your potential to release your inner blocks that live stagnant within the body. Once you understand how to release this flow and work with your energetic life force you can achieve so much. Life begins to move in a more fluid form within the body. Don’t we all desire to be happy and living in peace with a restful mind, a body free of stress and pain? This is the ultimate goal!

Many people live lost and disconnected from their bodies, with cluttered minds trying to understand how to move forward, living stuck in regrets and fear.

This is not the way to live, there is a form of living with more ease and less confusion! It is all about rediscovering how to Empower You! Whether it be through yoga, or meditation. Spiritual practice is the journey of developing Yourself and bringing out your authentic truth, your soul, your spirit connection. We are not physical beings we are a soul living in this physical form trying desperately to transcend the limits that are placed on us, in our everyday life.

New beginnings, a rebirth, transformation is not just about new projects or materialistic pursuits. It is a new start, to new ideas, a new healthy perspective of how to integrate your body, mind and soul, to create your new spiritual journey.

Redesign and delve deep into your body and consciousness and break free from your limiting belief system that has held you back! Begin a new creative form of being and blossom into the NEW YOU!

Suggestions for a NEW VIBRANT YOU!

Start a NEW Flush!

New Food choices for a Vibrant Glow!

Start with a vegetable shake every morning for breakfast and you will begin to see a new glow on your face.

New activity, working out, hobby, join self development courses!

Start with Yoga! Meditation, Mudras, Mantras, Breath work! For self development. Check out my new schedule!

My new classes are all about learning how to delve deep into your body and mind and release the energy that is blocked!

Learn techniques that you can use everyday to keep you revitalized and relaxed!

Increase your Spiritual Intuitive Knowledge!

Learn to understand your body, mind and soul connection!

Get started NOW!

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