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Embody Divine Wellness

The cool weather is approaching, autumn brings in colourful wonderment as the scenery shows it’s beautiful leaves transforming and radiating on the trees, falling slowly to the ground.

Walking along the forest, a cooling sensation throughout the body, the wind engages with the blowing leaves. Winter brings the lingering months of darkness, as we deepen our roots into the cool Earth.

Now is the season of transformation, deep perception, the time for sinking deeply into your hibernating thoughts as you contemplate your inner landscape. 

Coziness is the first thought, reflecting on absorbing the warmth of heavy blankets, a lit up fireplace and a warm cup of cacao. A journal? Perhaps it is the time to bring out a new journal to be able to explore on expressing your thoughts, new insights that may arise. Drawing is also another form of creating and expressing feelings that are buried deep within.

As creation transitions outside we are also transforming within.  Now is the time of a deeper form of contemplation. What would you begin with adjusting, alchemizing, generating in your life?

Make a note in your journal about this last year, how it has awakened a new part of you, how can you improve, do differently, or set new goals that you would love to achieve for the coming year.

This is the time to plan ahead, create a new vision, set a new goal, mind mapping new ideas. 

Redirecting your mental focus to planning ahead is a great motivational tool, starting a new spiritual journey, new classes online, learning how to draw, paint, yoga, there is so much offered online during the cold season of winter. 

Sports begin, skiing, skating, always try to remain active and enjoy as much as you can by practicing some sort of activity outside to be able to receive sunlight, which helps absorb Vitamin D into our bodies. Staying healthy is very important during this season.

Grains, root vegetables, pumpkins, paw paws, potatoes, apples, preparing delicious warming meals to keep your body warm and healthy during this season. 

Keep your mind active, with new thoughts for increasing creativity, your body energized by eating warming foods during the cold season.

Eat more nutritious, and warming soups. And, don’t forget that cup of tea!

A moment to yourself for contemplation. Create more vitality in your life by keeping active.

Learn how to reduce stress with breathing and meditation techniques.

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