How Conscious Dance Helps You Embrace the Divine Feminine

Guest blogger Parashakti founder of Dance of Liberations (TM) shares her experience in this article.

Many beings are seeking to tap into the wild, free, liberated energy that is the essence of our true nature. Deep down, we want to honour our own voices and shine our light, yet sometimes it’s hard to know how.

One of the most powerful ways I’ve found to really connect with and liberate one’s inner truth is through the art of Conscious Dance.

What is Conscious Dance?

There are many forms of Conscious Dance, such as ecstatic dance, somatic movement therapy, or my signature modality, the Dance of Liberation (TM). Many include elements of body awareness, barefoot movement, and inspiring sounds beats, or music.

Conscious Dance invites you to be completely present with your body, moving in whatever shape is calling you, sensing into what feels good.

In this movement, you can……..

  • Express yourself freely
  • Become aware of your thoughts
  • Practice non-judgement and self-acceptance
  • Get in touch with lost parts of yourself
  • Release energy blocks in the body, mind, heart and Spirit
  • Connect with inner source magic
  • Improve physical body elements such as heart health, mood, muscle and bone strength, lung capacity and brain connectivity

What is the Divine Feminine?

The Divine Feminine has manifested in many ways throughout history and present day. You may see her represented in symbols, texts, various religions, cultures, spiritual figures and goddesses.

She appears everywhere because she is everything on Earth and in nature, in each and every human being.

While it can be hard to even define the Divine Feminine, one way to describe her is as the foundational energy of the universe that exists alongside the Divine Masculine to balance and harmonize all of existence.

Because humans are spiritual beings, living this physical existence, we innately embody the essence of the Divine Feminine.

She is….

  • Vast and expansive
  • Intuitive
  • Nurturing
  • Receptive
  • Connected to self and all beings
  • Wild and untamed
  • Gentle and still
  • Sensual
  • Empowered
  • Willing to surrender
  • Receiving of love

If you’re thinking, That doesn’t really describe me, though I wish it did, or I know I have these qualities in me, so I really want to live from them more…….you’re not alone. Conscious Dance can help.

Why are Dance and divine femininity so powerfully connected?

At this time in world history, we exist in a patriarchal society. While the tides are shifting and the power of the Divine Feminine is becoming ever more present, there are still is many who feel lost and out of harmony. There are so many who regularly feel out of balance, disconnected.

This sense of disconnection more often than not stems from a lack of balance between the masculine and feminine energies within us. Many times, the feminine nature can be subdued by modern-day values, so finding a practice that helps us get back in touch with, is crucial.

Connecting with one’s feminine energy can help restore the balance and harmony within. As we create space to connect with the feminine more and more, her power and qualities within us are embodied. And we begin to live from this place of ease and flow.

This is why Conscious Dance is one the most powerful modalities in connecting with the Divine Feminine in each of us. It is about letting the body flow in the way that feels natural, easy and good.

Many modalities of Conscious Dance practice are deeply reminiscent of the mindful, elegant and graceful ways in which the female form moves. Furthermore, it allows us to tap into the nurturing side of feminine nature, by nourishing the body and the Soul in a delicate and intentional way. It encourages you to just be present in your existence, to activate all the senses, be wild and gentle at the same time.

And the more you create space for this energy, the more you embrace the Divine Feminine in you, the more you access your own true essence.

Guest Blogger:

Parashakti is a Shamanic healer, founder of the Dance of Liberation (TM) movement modality and curator of The Winged Ones Sacred Jewelry Line.

Sacred Jewelry & Eagle Pendants

Her work is born from more than two decades of experience facilitating workshops, trainings and retreats around the world.

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