Online Flower Essence Consultations

Merge with the Mystical Flowers for whole body elevation

Flower Essence Consultations

Support your well-being with the Power of Flower Essences.

Expand your mind with Flower Essences.

An energetic journey for your soul.

Flower Essences enhance  your energetic vibrations.

Increases your Intuitive Awareness.

Learn how to prepare your personal flowers.

Discover the enhancing benefits of Flower Essences for insight and well-being.



“Flower Essences work with your Energy Frequencies!”


The Essence of Plant Medicine


Customized sessions with Flower Essences help unearth the

reasons for continuing with the same set backs.


Are you experiencing?

The same destructive pattern, everyday?

Can’t seem to move forward with life goals?

Do you want to live with less stress?

Are you scared of your own Power or avoiding it?

Fear of the unknown, of failing, succeeding?

Need to increase self-confidence, self-love?

Have repeated patterns from childhood and are still in charge of your actions?

Need to be more determined?

Are you fatigued, have an overwhelming lifestyle, emotional well-being that is sacrificed?


Discover enhancing methods to elevate your mind, body and soul connection! 

Connection is lost due to an overworked system.

A lack of nourishment within the body due to the increase in sickness, due to deep wounding that started at a very young age.

Menstrual health issues, fertility problems.

Learn how to:


Increase your soul's purpose and clarity to make decisions.

Overly stressed system, learn how to elevate your mind and body connection, to help your nervous system.

A different method but with a Holistic approach to help develop your new inner growth, and increase harmony within your body.

Stop the cluttered mind from interfering with your self improvement.

Are you jumping into one healing techniques and another and can't seem to find the right approach?

Our system does need a band aid! The goal is to find the source point of your symptom!

This is the only way to achieve radiance that will continue.

Improve your entire system, through spiritual progress. Create homeostasis.



"Flower Essences dig deep within your Inner Landscape, to unravel and reveal the undergrowth that has been entangled and overlooked.  Allow your body to regrow and flourish."

-  Elizabeth Yvonne

Release Your Karma


Connection With Your Intuition


Decrease stress and uncertainties


Create Motivation For Manifesting Abundance


Deeper Relaxation and Better Sleep


Let Go of Old Habits and Shift Your Life


Increase Clarity

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