Holistic Wellness Consultations

Holistic Wellness For All



Are you craving a type of transformation that ignites the whole you?

Are you seeking the stamina to pursue the life you desire filled with wellness, peace, freedom and abundance?

Release old patterns that are holding you  back?

Have you tried all sorts of coaching programs, eating plans and all have not worked?

Do you know the tools that help elevate your state of clarity and declutter your mind?

Are you looking for a transformational journey that will actually make a difference?

Are you ready to align from the inside out and embody your highest self?

Are you ready to search deeper and tap into your divine gifts, ignite your SOUL purpose, honour your mind and body connection?

Have you spent lots of energy trying all sorts of therapies, consultations that didn't work?

Take a deep breath....you are not alone. This is the modern world today.

Are you ready for a change?


My focus is to help with decreasing stress levels for emotional betterment, intuitive awareness, increasing a healthy outlook in life, and wellness with movement.

Join ME and dive in deep, delve into your mind, body and soul integration!

Try Out the different services that I offer and the packages that are available to continue a deeper unfolding of exploration for wellbeing.

All services can be combined as weekly sessions for up to 6 weeks or 9 months or as long as it takes, to get you feeling invigorated and on your Path to self empowerment!

Holistic Wellness

Nutritional Consultations

Begin Your Wellness Journey With Mindful Eating

Holistic Wellness

Shamanic and Reiki Energy Sessions

Energy healing sessions to release energetic stagnation and increase your intuitive inner connection.

Holistic Wellness

Hypnosis Consultations

Ignite Embodiment, Your Inner Power

Holistic Wellness

Flower Essences Consultations

Increase your vibrational frequencies with the energy of flowers.


Wellness Detox PACKAGE

Increase your Energy and release your Stress!