Healing the Witch Wound

The Witch Wound is a term that has psychologically lived buried deep within women and men for centuries. Considered marginalized groups that worked with Mother Nature in a mystical sense.  The persecution of those who were defined as “Witches”, horrific witch hunts, persecution of those who defied social norms, the  suppression of healing with plants, and anything that appeared spiritual or intuitive was deemed demonic. Figurines of women have been found throughout the world it is believed that women were highly regarded as a Goddess, and deeply respected for her feminine qualities of a Mother. Females played an important role in their villages, in many  diverse cultures worldwide. Women were deeply connected to esoteric wisdom and the mysteries of life, this included understanding how to work with the Earth and Universal Cycles. Mostly Female Herbalists were sought out because this was their form of healing in ancient civilizations throughout Europe, Egypt, and Mesopotamia.  For many centuries women based their knowledge and wisdom on their intuitive gifts to help guide their tribe, and families. This disempowerment of the female began during the 15th century when the term “witch” began to spread.   The horror that took place included oppression of expression to heal, horrific torture, executions. The aim was to terminate  every woman or man who used their intuitive abilities to heal. This scarred the collective consciousness, aspects of the true feminine essence.

Our birthright is to use these gifts that were taken  from us and labeled as heretical. Practicing medicinal herbalism was deemed unethical, plants are a part of Mother Nature and a part of our modern medicine today.  We all have the unique ability to communicate with our inner wisdom, to establish a spiritual connection, to embrace our sensuality contrary to the church’s doctrines. Monotheistic religions, destroyed the pagan belief system which existed before any religion and since the beginning of time. This process of conversion took place and many took their pagan beliefs underground to escape this prosecution.  This persisted throughout the Middle Ages. Understanding Mother natures seasons and cycles, and how to work with the land, and Earth centred rituals were considered nonconformity. Throughout history, women who were birth doulas, herbal healers, who were independent were outcast and misunderstood.  Due to superstitions many were accused of witchcraft. This fear was brought on by societal distrust and the desire for control. This term  “witch” represented a derogative designation.  Most women who were accused of being witches were actual healers.

A neopagan, or pagan tradition  Wicca was introduced in the 20th century and continues to use this term “witch”.  Although interpretations vary across lineages and traditions, witches represent the knowledge of how to work with Nature, embodying the mysteries of plants and the rhythm of Mother Earth. The witch in todays culture is also referred as the Crone, or the old woman who is considered a lonely Hag, this demonstrates how the patriarchal system has dismissed a woman’s intuitive gift, the fear of her independence and feminine traits. Woman is looked down upon for her sensuality, or she is overly sexualized in a culture that is based on sex. The portrayal of a woman has been minimized to be defined as powerless, a sexual object, that she cannot be nurturing, wise, feminine nor use her true powerful essence.

Identifying the Witch Wound may involve recognizing a deep fear of persecution, avoiding embracing spiritual abilities, and suppressing your authentic voice. You may also notice a desire to want to create a change in this world, you are compassionate yet you shy away from the public and lack the strength to unveil your inner wisdom.

Healing the witch wound:

This deep wound may have attachments rooted in past life experiences, or it could have been programmed from family, culture, and institutions.  A spiritual trauma subconsciously embedded  to fear your feminine essence and inner power. Healing is a journey of self discovery to learn self-acceptance, self empowerment, and how to ignite your spiritual abilities.

Restoring your inner connection,  how to rely on your intuitive energies, to balance your feminine wisdom and how to work with Mother Nature.  The Witch Wound is a collective trauma hanging over  humanity and locked within anyone who is having difficulty expressing themselves and have suppressed their intuitive knowing.

Alchemizing the the Witch Wound, begins with confronting your  shadow fragmentation, delving into this can bring out uncomfortable feelings, and memories.  This transfiguration will guide you to letting go of what you have repressed since your childhood and help increase your  higher vibrational frequencies. Accepting  your  divine gifts and healing  the Witch Wound transforms the collective consciousness.

Confronting this wound will increase your resilience to support yourself with your intuitive knowledge and give you the openness to no longer fear expressing your gifts. Self confidence increases your senses to navigate along your journey. When you deepen your inner connection and core values you can build on creating a world that enjoys spiritual abundance, possibilities of freedom, instead of lacking. Self empowerment  helps you radiate from your heart and not from fear.

  • Spiritual Awakening: Many new age women who may use the term “witch or healer” have the calling to heal themselves and bring spiritual empowerment to humanity. This archetype can be seen as a Spiritual Warrior, who wants to fortify herself and bring solidarity to this world to help with the awakening process.  There are various practices to increase this awareness: Energy Healing such as Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Hypnosis (past lives)shamanism, sound healing and more.
  • Modern Witchcraft: The green witch embraces Mother Nature, understanding how to work with natures plants, learning Herbalism, Bach flowers, Aromatherapy help reconnect with the energies in your body and with nature.
  • Understanding Nature’s Cycles: Forming a deep connection with Mother Nature helps women understand how to harmonize their body with the Earth’s Cycles, Lunar Cycles and with Astrology. This creates a bond with your body, increases your inner knowing on how to take care of your body and to embrace your menstrual cycle.
  • Shadow Work: Healing the Witch Wound involves embracing and integrating the shadow self, the hidden and suppressed aspects of one’s personality. This leads to profound personal transformation and self-acceptance.

Healing the Witch Wound means integrating your shadow self that you have runaway from for many years, confronting this aspect and witnessing what you have suppressed to help with your transformation. This journey empowers you to move forward to live life from your true potential, to step into your authentic self, to speak your truth, to work with your energetic life force, and your intuitive abilities to create change in this world.

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