Embodying the Goddess

Embodying the Goddess

What does it mean to Embody the Goddess?

As we know Goddesses have been mentioned in Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Mayan, Oriental, Buddhist, and Indian Ancient Traditions. We have all heard of Isis, Artemis, the Goddess of love Venus, Lakshmi and so on. To this day in India the Divine Feminine Goddess is ritualized everyday and highly respected. In the Christian tradition, we have heard of Mother Mary who is highly recognized throughout the world.

So what does it mean to invoke the Goddess into your practice? First of all we will start with understanding the gifts and lessons that the aspect of the Goddess can bring to us. The Divine Feminine Aspect can create wholeness and unity within us all, and the gender, and age does not matter.

The Feminine aspect is the nurturing side of us, this Archetype of the Goddess has many representations and attributes that exist within us all. It is about recognizing which part of you lies dormant and hidden, that needs to be brought out or which part of you is dominant and needs neutrality. Archetypes teach us how to bring awareness to the areas of ourselves that need a little more tenderness and transformation.

Awakening is a process and requires devotion, learning how to invoke the Goddess can bring a new type of inner connection that is empowering.

For instance the Triple Goddess archetype is the Celtic version of Ancient Goddesses, that is still worked with in many current cultures. These Goddesses have many attributes such as sensuality, wisdom, beauty, fertility, nurturing and the shadow. The triple Goddess represents the number three, the cycle of life, the universal cycle of birth/death/rebirth or creation/destruction/renewal. The ouroboros symbol can also be used to represent infinity the continuance of eternal life. The circle can also be used with the zero point in the centre, the centre of creation, there is no end, only a new starting point that continues.

The inception of the Divine Feminine is clearly needed in todays world where there is so much violence and health issues. Bringing the nurturance and wisdom of the Goddess is needed to increase inner awareness and inner healing with the Feminine aspect, that has been torn apart from all of us for many centuries. Many of us have been taught that it is not ok to cry, nor to show feelings instead we must rely on our overpowering aspects to get by in this world such as aggression. The gender does not matter, we all need love within us, the balance with the healthy feminine and healthy masculine aspect.

D.J Conway, author of Maiden, Mother, Crone: The Myth and Reality of the Triple goddess says this: ” Reconnecting with the Goddess is not just a woman experience but a HUMAN experience, greatly needed for the wellbeing and positive development of our species”.

Yes it is about the human experience and how we can come together to create unity.

The Goddess also represent Nature, creation. Mother Earth gives birth to creation. Remembering to spend more time in nature is vital to clear our mind and to be active. Her energy is around us, so breathe clean oxygen to cleanse your body. Nature can bring a free spirited joyful attribute to us, through observing the animals, the plants, the vegetation surrounding us.

The Triple Goddess is broken down into three different stages of life:

  1. Maiden: from birth to puberty
  2. Mother: parenthood – adulthood
  3. Crone: wisdom – aging – senior age

Maiden Archetype:

Represents the new beginning into this life, innocence, the curiosity to confront life, excitement to seek new adventures and at many times there can be some sort of carelessness. This characteristic is trusting, seeks new knowledge through trial and error. This new freshness can be compared to a flower beginning to bud during the springtime when everything feels alive, new wonderment, follows inner guidance to discover new things, new ideas. Learning to unravel with ones own identity, independence and learning to follow new desires. This aspect is carried within us throughout our lives, for instance, to be creative, establishing a new venture, the motivation to go forward with new goals and having the energy to keep active. The maiden is also compared to the the phase of the waxing moon.

Mother Archetype:

The mother is the nurturing caretaker of the family, children, animals, nature and more. This aspect has gained more experience and maturity. She has developed her skills through school, career, and established a foundation with herself and also with others. She embodies sexuality, reproduction, and creation. She is also represented as the full moon. This aspect is more grounded with decisions, structure, finances and knows how to set boundaries. The Mother Archetype gives love and knows love fully through carrying her child and giving birth to new creation, that she must nurture and take care of. Love, patience, caring and nurturance that we can all learn to receive and give. The time of year that can be compared would be Summer, hot, warmth, growth and Autumn harvesting, acceptance and knowledge.

Crone Archetype:

IS the cycle of death, this phase can be really misunderstood and feared because the perception of death is viewed as something frightening and unknown. The Crone represents the waning moon. Winter would be the season that could be used for comparison, the time of darkness, night time, when we retrieve deeper into our inner self, for contemplation, transformation, and realization. After autumn we have the death of the plants, crops, the harvest is done and we prepare for winter. The cold nights and darkness. The Crone aspect is wisdom, inner fulfillment, acceptance, truth, inner power, we must come to term with the fact that the physical life cycle eventually comes to an end. To honour the Crone aspect is honouring the part of ourselves, understanding that many things in life we must let go of, whether it be aspects of ourselves that we have grown out of, and relationships that do not serve our best interest must come to an end.

This stage of life must be looked upon as hard lessons that has been learned. There is much wisdom that comes out of challenges and lessons. The elders in our lives have to share with us great wisdom. Honouring them and respecting this stage of life is very important.

Reflecting on the cycles of life that are compared with the Goddess, teach us and help us learn our life lessons, how to move through challenges with grace, and how to understand the negative and positive influences in our lives. We can learn to deeply live our lives through authenticity, strengthen our bodies, our minds and our relationships through starting to empower yourself!

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