Intuitive Embodiment Coaching

Your Spiritual Journey


Reclaim your Intuitive Potential!

Experiencing new changes in your life, that need readjustment?

Are you familiar with your intuitive abilities and how you can benefit from using them?

Are you living from a fear based state of mind, full of stress, and uncertainties?

Ready to release old wounds, & re-pattern your mindset?

Learn how to radiate from your heart centre.



What you will gain:

  • Increase new perceptions for a deeper connection with your true essence
  • Connection with higher wisdom and how this will benefit your daily interactions with co-workers, family members &  especially with yourself.
  • For women learn how to work with your cycle and how this can benefit your body each month
  • Work with your energetic womb magic and not against this natural flow
  • Apply mindful insight to your daily life for stress, grief, uncertainties
  • Learn how to live from a neutral mind which means knowing the tools that can help with minimizing negative interactions and create abundance
  • Strategies for working with your Kundalini energy

Begin your journey... I will guide you through this process.


Do you want to live healthier, increase your intuitive nature, manifest your life goals, and live with less stress?

Awaken your Inner Goddess

You have the power within you.  You can live with less stress, less pain, and increase your Vitality! You can access your life goals.

Have you ever wondered, how do you become the Creatrix of your own life?  Well, it is possible, one-on-one sessions,  you will learn how to attain your Inner power and learn how to manifest the life you crave for!

I will guide you through techniques that are empowering.

You are the Creatrix of your journey,  learn how to rediscover your blueprint and blossom.

Understand your body, mind  and soul connection.

What you will gain:

  • An understanding about how to work with your body, mind  and soul connection
  • Knowledge about increasing your intuitive nature, inner potential
  • The map to journeying deeper to re-discover your divine purpose
  • Gain more spiritual insight
  • Skills that will enable you to work with your energetic body
  • Connect with your inner guidance
  • The ability to begin or continue with your awakening process
  • Techniques for your soul  development

With exploration, life can shift,  perceptions can change, and new magical realms can open.

Begin your journey... I will guide you through this Divine process.

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Sessions Include


  • Create authentic intimate relationships with more vulnerability and self acceptance
  • Transform your well-being and enlighten your body.
  • One on one online or in person sessions designed to increase your Intuitive inner treasure

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