Online Goddess Courses, to Bring Out Your Inner Goddess.

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You have the gift within, learn how to retrieve your Inner Treasure!

"Our imagination has been devalued for many centuries and weakened in our society. From an early age we are told that the "imaginary" is inferior to "reality".  That you are misled and it is all untrue.

We have difficulty perceiving  that the imagination is actually the language of our soul.

It is our inward sight, third eye, intuitive knowing, our inner perception, not what is seen physically.

The non-physical, energy or life force the higher insight.

Imagination gives form to the forces of the unseen realms."


For the Mystics, The Journey of the Priestess

Embody Divine Wellness

The Divine Feminine is the Initiator, the Feminine Principle is surging stronger each day. Start creating a new reality!

Are you feeling the shift, the new energies?

Fear, uncertainties, create an imbalance that is prevalent in todays society, including the mistreatment of Mother Earth, this is the 3d consciousness.

We can no longer live disconnected from our Higher frequency that lives within us.

Living in separation also includes a disconnection from your own body, mind and SOUL connection.

A disconnection from each other as a culture, community weakens the planet and each person.

Unity creates a society, a world that lives from the heart frequency.


This isn't about learning a new skill or modality.
This is about awakening & nourishing YOUR OWN magic and wisdom.

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Seekers, lightworkers, spiritual misfits, priestesses, tantrikas, medicine women. Start your Spiritual Journey explore how to increase your Soul Vibe!

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Awaken Psychic Abilities

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Goddess Transmissions

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Mystical Development

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    I have been taking Elizabeths Kundalini and Yoga Goddess classes and they are so over the top, no one is offering anything like this. Tantra, Kundalini and Goddesses, spiritual yoga! Each time we practice breathwork my head clears and I feel more alert, my pain disapears! The spiritual nutritional support also makes so much sense! I changed my eating habits to help my body feel lighter. I feel amazing, it is hard to explain, I just feel more calm! And the Goddess meditations seem so real, I saw my family in heaven reaching out to me, exactly what I had asked for appeared to me! I highly recommend Elizabeth she is so easy to get along with, and spiritually gifted!!

    Heather C.

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    I took the Mystical Goddess Mentorship and I must say that the experience was mind blowing. The activations and transmissions were so vivid and I could feel it from a distance and through online sessions. It is so powerful to connect with the Divine Mother, I was interested in learning how to increase my psychic abilities and how to call in celestial beings and Goddesses. I am now practicing as a Mystical Goddess Energy Healer and I incorporate the Goddess energies into my healing sessions. I am so grateful to have met Elizabeth she is so funny and sincerely loving. I am grateful for her helping me awaken throughout my spiritual awakening process. I highly recommend her she is extremely gifted and can communicate with the Cosmic Universe! Elizabeth is full of wisdom.

    Tania P.

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    I enjoy working with Elizabeth, I have been taking her One on One private yoga sessions every month and she always seems to manage to include the most amazing techniques into our sessions such as working with the womb, I found her techniques that she taught me very powerful, and I feel more comfortable with my body. I am in my 50's and during menopause my body has changed so much. I feel comforted by Elizabeth's wisdom and the spiritual aspect she brings into class everyday is very bright. Her meditations and visualizations are always surprising and very transformative, she always seems to amuse me and takes me to a profound connection with beautiful beings of light. I feel so at peace each time I am in a heavenly space. I thank Elizabeth so much for her help and I am a faithful client of hers and dear friend. I highly recommend her.

    Natalie N.


Awaken Psychic Abilities

  • Certification courses.
  • Online courses for your mystical journey with a variety of choices, for holistic practitioners, etc.
  • Easy to follow along with lessons that you can access from anywhere.
  • Courses for increasing your intuitive, and psychic abilities. 

Self led course ONLINE, starting soon!

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Goddess Transmissions

  • Lessons for the mystical spiritual aspirant. 

  • Learn how to increase your intuitive abilities to a higher level. By accessing your inner potential, you can journey deeper to re-discovering your divine connection and purpose,  gain more spiritual insight, learn how to work with your energetic body, and connect with your inner guidance.
  • Attain Goddess wisdom through transmissions. Activations that will uplift your vibrational frequencies to be able to invoke these energies.

Date TBA

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Mystical Embodied Goddess Course


  • Lessons for the Mystical aspirant. 

  • Complete the Online lessons from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

  • Learn how to increase your psychic abilities, connect with the Goddess Energies and use this energy healing on your clients.
  • If you have been on the spiritual path for a while and are looking to expand and add on other modalities to your tool box, this is for you!
  • You will learn how to access your energetic field and invoke the Goddess.
  • You will connect with your inner guidance, your Higher Self.
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Embodied Goddess

Spiritual Coaching

  • One on One, online sessions designed for the Divine Woman!

  • Ready to live in alignment with Your Divine & Feminine Flow!

  • During these sessions that have been created, exclusively for Women, the emphasis will be on Spiritual Guidance to manifest your fullest potential!

Mystical Embodied Goddess Mentorship

  • Sessions that will guide you on your spiritual journey. 

  • This mentorship program is for the curious mystical soul who is digging deeper into knowing her inner landscape to bring out your psychic/intuitive gifts.
  • The focus is to access your GODDESS energies, and I will teach you how to work with them.

Start Connecting With Your Inner Goddess Today!