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Embody Divine Wellness

Embodied Goddess

Online Yoga, Coaching, and Courses for Self Empowerment, Bring Out Your Goddess Within.

Trust and believe in yourself!

Having a powerful and sustainable practice is more important than ever. The crisis that we have lived through has overpowered our way of living creating more uncertainties.  But it has also given us opportunities to build on resilience such as evolving with self empowerment tools to increase inner awareness and self reliance.

WE must rely on the power of having a devoted practice to keep us grounded.


Women's Circle

Learn how to connect deeper with self 

Embody Divine embodied goddess yoga offering

Yoga for Women

Yoga, meditation, breathwork for self-healing

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Spiritual and Yoga Courses

Courses for self-empowerment and intuitive connection


Wellness Coaching

Connect with your body, mind and Soul

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    I just loved the Goddess workshops with Elizabeth! So much fun and so informative. There isn’t much information for women over 40 about body changes. She has set up her classes with not just yoga movements, but she also teaches the knowledge behind it and how certain techniques help more so than others

    Charlene W

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    She is so inspirational she taught me so much about learning how to breathe. I suffered a lot from stress and her techniques helped so much! I‘ve learned to feel centered when I have stressful moments. I have also learned to have a more positive outlook with life. Elizabeth is very professional.

    Tracy C.

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    I enjoyed working with Elizabeth, she coached me on how to increase my intuitive abilities. Her coaching style is great! With lots of knowledge for self empowerment, through shadow work. I learned great tools for destressing my body. I’ve learned how to access my own abilities!

    Sandy C.


Yoga Training

  • Certification courses accredited through the Canadian Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance. 
  • Become a Yoga Teacher for yoga students, health workers, etc.
  • Easy to follow along with lessons that you can access from anywhere.

Spiritual Courses

  • Lessons for the spiritual aspirant. 

  • Complete the Online lessons from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

  • Learn how to increase your intuitive nature, understand how to access your inner potential, journey deeper to re-discover your divine purpose,  gain more spiritual insight, learn how to work with your energetic body, connect with your inner guidance.

Mystical Goddess Courses

  • Lessons for the Mystical aspirant. 

  • Complete the Online lessons from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

  • Learn how to increase your psychic abilities, connect with the Goddess Energies and use this on clients.
  • If you have been on the spiritual path for a while and are looking to expand and on on other modalities to your tool box, this is for you!
  • You will learn how to access your energetic field and invoke the Goddess.
  • You will connect with your inner guidance, your Higher Self.
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Wellness Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

  • One on One, online sessions designed for the Divine Woman!

  • Ready to live in alignment with Your Divine & Feminine Flow!

  • During these sessions, the emphasis will be on Spiritual Guidance to manifest your fullest potential!

Goddess Mentorship

  • Sessions that will guide you on your spiritual journey. 

  • This mentorship program is for the curious mystical soul who is digging deeper into knowing her inner landscape to bring out your psychic/intuitive gifts.
  • The focus is to access your GODDESS energies, and I will teach you how to work with them.

Start Connecting With Your Inner Goddess Today