Embodied Breathwork Facilitator

Become a Breathwork Facilitator!

Live with more vitality!

Online training for Yoginis that are interested in the journey of coaching how to empower individuals with breathwork!

Breathing helps reset our nervous system, to be able to live from a calmer state of being.


Receive a certification for completing this in depth course. You will learn how to access many breathing techniques, there will also be a focus on the divine feminine body, working with the hormonal system. You will understand how to work with your body and how to integrate this modality into your existing holistic practice.  Yoga teachers, health care providers, etc welcome!

This is a continuing education credit with yoga alliance 70 hours training.  Online training with live zoom calls.  A scholarship will be offered to a select few that apply within a limited time. Please contact for any questions.

The dates TBD.

My Mission is to help ignite your inner potential!  I will guide you to access your primal instinct, the gift that exists within.  I have been teaching yoga and breathing for over 14 years, my method is somatic and trauma informed with a diverse background in training.

This journey is profound and will develop your  spiritual journey, through awakening parts of yourself that have been held within. Reclaim your inner awareness  through re-igniting this knowledge. This inner power that resides within us, is your foundation of wisdom and your true essence.

Deepen your process with this initiative,  through breathing and embodiment to deepen your energetic connection.

This course is designed for energetic well-being and can be used in a variety of settings.

Inner Depth

Deepen your inner connection awaken your chakras.

Tantric Breathwork

Breath awareness, & meditation for partners.

Elemental Breathwork

Connect with your sacredness.

Move your Body

Ignite your body and release.


This paradigm holds a shift towards self healing, focusing on attaining your Primal Essence. Within you, you have the ability to access your inner tools through learning powerful pranayama techniques to enable attaining coping methods so you can live a life with harmony and less stress!

Become an Embodied Breathwork Facilitator

Embark on a self development journey towards realignment with the wisdom teachings of Mother Gaia.

Learn how to increase your energetic vibe, with primordial teachings, Kundalini & Tantra teachings, yogic philosophies, mysticism, ancient indigenous teachings, eco-somatic, Earth rituals, visionary journeys and personal transformation strategies to offer you support into creating a life that you can cherish. This embodiment practice is a deeper form of resonance with your body and the Earth.

A deeper exploration of our cyclical rhythms, that transitions us into living from our heart consciousness.  Reclaim your energetic life force and break free from what holds you back.

Understand how to work with your felt senses, access your intuitive instinct. You will deepen you somatic experience and explore your body and your breath.

Start your adventure with openness and curiosity, breath is our life force that keeps us functioning!

In this training you will learn:

  • Discover your own gifts that can ignite your breathing process.
  • Benefits of breathing and how to breathe effectively.
  • Cueing and teaching skills (demonstration, classroom management, teaching multi level classes, verbal assists).
  • Learn how to ground yourself and ignite your life force to strengthen your energetic connection.
  • Techniques taught: tantric, yogic, elemental, somatic, trauma informed, and conscious breathing.
  • Esoteric teachings yoga philosophy including, Goddesses.
  • Learn how to implement an eco-somatic and elemental practice.
  • Skills to guide clients with pranayama.
  • Discussion on how to implement this modality into your practice.



Embody Divine Wellness offers yoga and breathing modalities. Learn how to attain connection with your Higher Self, through ancient practices and esoteric teachings.

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