Cultivating Awareness: Befriending your Energetic Life Force

Cultivating Awareness

What is awareness, I am referring to Body Cultivating Awareness through Inner Connection. I do emphasis this because we have not been taught how to create an authentic relationship with ourselves nor with others. What does authentic mean? It means being real, coming from an authentic space of wholeness.

When you are Aligned with your Authentic Self, Life Manifests Fully

Your energetic life force is the intimacy that is established within you. When this part of yourself isn’t recognized, it’s a piece of you that feels and is neglected. We all focus on the physical, and mental body for health. The energetic body, your soul, spirit, needs to also be acknowledged to be able to live a whole and healthy life.

So, what do I mean by Cultivating Awareness?

You develop an intimate relationship with your body and mind when you take care of it, through nourishment, rest, and exercise. Your body is your instrument to move through life. It is in a dense form, which is heavy, the Earth element. It is important to move with rhythm and grace. Slow down when needed. Your body craves touch, and movement. The body expresses itself through feelings. Awareness is attention to your physical sensations. This is how the body expresses through nonverbal communication.

The mind is the air element, that thinks quickly all day without rest, the mind must also slow down to synchronize effectively with your body. The mind craves to verbally communicate. The body is affected by your thoughts, it is important to be careful with how you express your emotions. The best way is to slow down through your breathing. Furthermore, The breath helps the body regulate and flow with the mind.

Cultivating Intimacy with your Body and Mind?

Learning how to listen internally to what your body is sensing and feeling and trying to communicate non verbally, through inner intuition. Moreover, This skill can be developed through training yourself to stay with what emotions are surging, acknowledging the feelings, and thoughts in your mind.

When we think too much or the mind is cluttered, we are in our head, when feelings and sensations are felt in the body with no words, it is the body speaking to us, this is a connection with the body.

The body and mind must move together in rhythm to coordinate what you are thinking and feeling to allow there to be space to function effectively with balance.

Being in the mind all day, creates a disconnection from body awareness, not being in touch internally with your feelings. Especially, Thoughts keep running by, neglecting signals that your body is sending.

Have you felt this throughout your day?

Being present with the messages that your body is sending to you allows you to listen to what your body is trying to convey, it could be emotions, unresolved trauma, uncomfortable sensations. Being present to these awakening sensations is important to bring Cultivating awareness to how you are feeling, this acknowledgement sends positive or negative messages to your body and mind, that is non-spoken.

Awareness is an instrument that must be fine tuned to be able to function as a whole person. We must not abandon this tool, nor ignore it.

Meditation, Yoga, and Breathing centres the body to be entirely present with your body and mind. The mind and body are instruments that must be held with care, and love to function effectively with rhythm. The DNA is restructured when loving thoughts and respect is sent to your body and mind.

Your energetic body, is also part of the tool set, an instrument that must also be acknowledged and worked with, to be in rhythm with your body and mind. The physical body is the carrier of your Soul, Spirit, energy body, however you choose to define this. The body is meant for keeping you safe, in the present moment and for experiencing life on Earth. Expanding your awareness helps increase your frequency while staying centred in your body.

Becoming in touch with infinite awareness is accessing your intuitive knowing, awakening the third eye and tuning into your energetic body. Using your senses to perceive internally and externally, away from physical and emotional distractions. Thus, Silence and listening establishes access to your intuitive knowing, your energetic field.

Practice this Exercise for about 10 – 15 Minutes:

  1. Sitting in silence, ground yourself with breathing deeply and focus on noticing your magnetic body, by placing your palms together and slowly separating about 2-3 inches apart and bring them back together without touching continue this exercise and notice the pull and push sensations running throughout your hands.
  2. Envision holding a ball in your hands and play with this energetic ball, hold in front of your heart chakra. Notice the sensations.

As you begin to practice techniques your sensory knowing becomes more refined and your awareness begins to expand.

Simple tools as this is just one exercise to perceive your energetic body. As you learn to become more in touch with your senses, feelings, and learn how to work with your thoughts, a new form of perception begins to develop. Your intuitive cultivating awareness is now sensed and acknowledged.

Uncertainty, not knowing and fear can keep you away from understanding your energetic body, the more it is embraced the more your body will expand vibrationally.

The heart begins to expand with happiness and love when you engage with your body and intuition, in an instinctual way. The true state of your heart is to live from neutrality, compassion and without fear. The higher your body will resonate with higher frequencies. The heart relaxes and experiences bliss when energetically we are living from a state of higher cultivating awareness.

To feel safe involves creating boundaries to be able to function with care and wisdom. Moving away from what is unhealthy mentally, physically and energetically. Reclaiming emotional, and physical well-being. Re-uniting your body and mind connection increases confidence to say no when it is needed. External stimulations cause setbacks. Unresolved emotions, aggression, demanding situations, ignites the fight and flight response in the body. Keeping you in an unhealthy state, creating stress, that may lead to illness.

It is important to take of yourself, to take care of your health first, before taking care of tasks and others. If you do not prioritize, this weakens the body, and depletes your energy.

Awareness of your energetic, subtle body gives you a tool to tune into your intuitive knowing and to follow your heart. It is important to feel grounded with your body and mind. Consciously learn how to redirect negative energy. By bringing light into the darkness you are clearing important parts of yourself that can fall victim to unwanted circumstances, and situations. The more clear you become with understanding your entire being. So, The more comfortable you will become with your emotional, physical and energy body.

The more present you become with yourself, the more you can build on your stance and have enough energy for yourself.

Your body can be nurtured with cultivating awareness through many different ways such as love, walks, finding peace with Mother Nature. Eating healthy fresh foods directly from Earth. Energetic healing involves being aware of your subtle, emotional and physical needs. Your energy is primal, it is what sustains and gives you life. Additionally, Claiming this energy is working with it everyday by feeling satisfied and content with YOU.

To learn how to obtain this conscious level begins with educational information, take classes, in person or online. Join groups that interest you, follow your passion, take meditation, yoga, energy healing. Breathwork courses to develop yourself to be in control of you!

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