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This course is for those who are interested in building a relationship with Self and don’t know how and where to start.

This journey will introduce you how to delve into connecting with U!  Empowering U!


So what is Self Love?  IN society, our everyday life has been determined by love being granted to us and gained through materialistic gains, or scoring big time with promotions, portraying a certain image, or being top players.  But deep down inside, most people feel that something inside of them is missing, that they are incomplete and unhappy.  Materialistic objects do not fulfill you. Outer fulfillment doesn’t make you happy.

You true essence is searching for a deeper meaning to life, a deeper connection. This is the piece of the puzzle that is usually missing.

Self love is the journey of aligning yourself to who you are. This purpose is enough, the simplicity of life, connecting with nature. Your energetic life force that fully wants to live freely.

We have been conditioned to be over consumers, over achievers, and life is pretty hard sometimes.  It is really difficult at times when we are led by empty promises of joy that bombards us everyday. You must know who you are, know thyself to be able to feel fully grounded on this planet or else you are just floating through life.

Self sabotaging thoughts bombard people, fear, these emotions hold you back from moving forward.

A disconnection from your body is the first sign that you are not content nor clear with your own mindset.

In order to transform you must start with techniques and information that will help guide you to clarity.


Clear your Path through Awareness:


You will work with methods for developing resilience to explore your inner qualities and how to face parts of yourself that you self sabotage.

Techniques for reinforcing your development.

Videos that you can replay at anytime.

Journals and workbooks to work with each day to keep you on track.

Ebooks to read to help develop your awareness to strengthening Self love.


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