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Welcome to the Embodied Breathwork Facilitator Training Course, I’m so happy you are here!

This course is for Health Practitioners and Yoginis!

Increase your knowledge and add on an extra 60 CE credits!

Accredited through  Yoga Alliance.

Kundalini, Tantra, and Shamanic Breathwork and Yin Yoga

Now more than ever we are living in a chaotic time. It is urgently needed to learn how to increase our body’s awareness. To learn how to de-stress the body and to bring a lighter sense of being to our mind, body, and soul.

Many live disconnected from their bodies and have no understanding of their body’s anatomy/physiology, this weakens the person’s knowledge on how to work with the body’s innate intelligence and intuitive inner power.

Goddess Energy: you will learn how to transcend with Yoga poses and breath techniques that were practiced in ancient traditions. Learn how to work with Goddess Shakti, Lakshmi, Kali,  Durga and more.

Increase your Inner Awareness:

Learn how to activate your well-being. Find the inner awareness within you that you can access through breathing and meditation techniques.

Connect with your Higher Self

Ascending along the chakras and understanding how to activate each chakra will give you the tool to work with your energetic body.

Understand what the Divine Masculine and Feminine Sacred Union represents.

Beauty is deeply rooted within. It is the deeper wisdom that blooms inside, and blossoms as love for oneself, this is the Goddess Quality. To be seen as your True Essence.

Become a Breathwork Facilitator to ignite your Shakti Energetic Life Force
Teach others how to access their inner awareness and intuitive abilities
You have within the ability to access your own healing powers

Course Modules and Workshops:

Goddess Embodiment, Understanding the Way of the Feminine Mysteries, uncovering ancient traditional secrets, breathwork with  yogic philosophies and eco-somatic strategies.

This instructional workshop, teaching includes initiation and guidance:

Introduction to Breathwork:

Life force Energy, Pranayama
Conscious Breath, Mindfulness Meditation, Self-Inquiry
Introduction to Eros Consciousness
Energy Anatomy/ Subtle Chakras
Breath: Diaphragmatic Breathing
Cultural Beliefs around Power, Purpose, and Pleasure
Goddess Introduction: The alchemy of self-healing
Mother Earth: Creative Lifeforce
Sacred Shakti: Life Force
10 Tantric Goddesses
The Mother Wound and Shadow Work
Womb Awakening, The Rise of Queendom
The Role of the Divine Feminine in Planetary Awakening
Embody Goddess Breathwork Techniques
Tantra Breathwork
Shamanic Journeying
The Elements
What is Sacred Union, Sexual Union
Feminine Self Care
Spiritual Bypassing

What you will receive:

Detoxify your mind, body, and soul
CONNECT with your BREATH and use it as a powerful method of self-healing
Better Sleep, rejuvenation
Understand how repressed feelings are locked inside.
Activate a new sense of Self Embodiment.
Learn how to release limiting toxic setbacks.
Gain Deeper Self- awareness tools
Reactivate your cellular structure
Boost Your Physical Energy
Learn powerful and simple breathing techniques for your daily life and more…

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