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Welcome to your online learning journey!

Here you will find all the online course materials that you will need to complete the course. In some lessons there may be a quiz and some may have workbooks or reference sheets for you to download in the materials section which is in each module.

There will be reflective assignments for you to complete that will help integrate and apply what you have learned. You do not need to submit your reflections but is recommended that you take time with the questions for yourself, they will provide a deeper reflection and understanding to help you apply this teaching in a practical way and to your practice.

Please share your AHA moments in the Facebook group or other social media that is created for this group.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. info@embodydivinewellness.com.

When you have completed this course and the reflective exercises you will receive a certification. Please email us to provide the correct spelling of the name you wish to appear on the certificate.

Enjoy your learning!

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