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This course is for those who are drawn to working with higher realms of existence.  With this “Angel Lightworker Course” you will receive a certificate.

Light beings have been with us since the beginning of time. They have walked with us for many decades giving us hope and guidance through hour life’s journey. As the frequencies on planet Earth have increased more and more during the last decade. More people are searching for a deeper meaning from life. Questioning what else exists outside of this Universe. Searching for alternative healing modalities to help awaken their connection to themselves.

The Angelic is calling upon us to work with them as we are more open to their energy. Our Spiritual guides wish for us to open up to our birthright, our intuitive knowing, because we are all beings of light.

This Divine Certification is a tool for you to work with your Angelic Guides.

Bring light, energy healing to others. This modality is overseen by the Angelic realm, Metatron, Archangels, Higher Self connection and other Celestial beings.  They are here to assist you to learn how to energetically heal yourself, others, such as new clients, friends, family and animals.

To hold space, energetically healing with the magical white and gold angelic rays of light.  Most importantly this modality helps to relax the body to reach an inner state of peace and joy.


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